The Quantum Computing Summit London 2021

Reply will participate at “The Quantum Computing Summit London” as a Platinum Sponsor. Sign up for the event and come and meet Reply to discover the potential of Quantum Computing!

setembro 21 - setembro 22, 2021

The Quantum Computing Summit London

On 22 and 23 September 2021, Reply will participate in The Quantum Computing Summit London, running alongside the AI Summit.

This event is designed to provide business and technical insight, qualified via application-based quantum experiences, and showcase how Quantum can deliver real business value.

Reply will be attending the event as a Platinum Sponsor with a Virtual booth. Sign up for the event and come and meet Reply to discover the potential of Quantum Computing!

Reply will contribute through two Keynotes:

22 September 2:00 PM BST

Practical use cases for Quantum Optimization and Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum Computing is proving to be a key ally for meeting business objectives: in the last couple of years, applications of Quantum Computing have expanded across multiple industries. Quantum Optimization provides a new way of streamlining and improving business processes, with several high-value use cases spanning financelogisticstelecommunicationsHR and transport operations. Quantum-Inspired approaches can guarantee significant benefits in the near future. Quantum machine learning (QML) sets itself as a potential game-changer, promising improved performance and better generalization when compared to existing classical Machine Learning techniques for extracting value out of data and enabling businesses to benefit significantly from data-driven products.

23 September 1:00 PM BST

Quantum Computing: challenges and solutions to IT security

Quantum technology has seen rapid progress over the last few years. This progress has an impact on many fields, in particular IT security which will see great challenges. This talk will highlight some of these upcoming challenges, how we can use quantum technology to address them today and how blockchain can fit into the overall picture.

Unleash the true potential of Quantum Computing