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Green Cloud

How sustainable cloud computing works

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Using the cloud in the most environmentally friendly way possible is a challenge. Our whitepaper shows how you can achieve this.

Data and emissions

Whether it be smart home, remote work or streaming, our world is becoming more and more digital. As a result, the amount of data requiring storage and the demand for computing power both continue to increase. What many people don’t realize: increasing data consumption has an impact on our environment. The resources required to construct and run data centers are typically not used very effectively. In general, it is difficult to lower costs with, for instance, on-premises solutions for building and cooling technologies.


Environmentally-friendly alternative

At first glance, using public cloud solutions seems like a more sustainable way to satisfy our hunger for data. They use the same infrastructure to provide services to numerous companies and private clients simultaneously. This saves resources and in turn reduces emissions. But here, too, it is worth taking a closer look. Not every cloud offers the same degree of sustainability. Our whitepaper explains what characterizes a Green Cloud and how to design a cloud solution that produces as few emissions as possible.

Tips for increased sustainability

Not all clouds are created equal. Making a smart choice is essential to ensure that your cloud usage is truly greener. The following advices will assist you in selecting and creating the right cloud application for your use case.

Your path to sustainability
with Reply

Our whitepaper gives you a deep insight into the Green Cloud. Do you need further information or specific assistance for your project? Our experts will gladly guide you along the path to your sustainable cloud. The Matcha Reply method we have developed provides a framework for designing and developing sustainable software projects. We rely on this and help you choose, design, and implement your individual solution based upon it.

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