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Financial Services Security and Compliance Framework

Accelerate your AWS adoption and harden your security posture with AirWalk Reply’s fully automated cloud controls framework

Benefits of our Financial Services Security and Compliance Framework

Risk awareness and Remediation plan

Understanding of the critical control gaps and a prioritized plan for remediation


Consistent approach aligned to the relevant FSI frameworks


Cyber controls implementation (preventative, detective, corrective)

How we can help you

Financial Services customers face a number of common challenges, from constantly evolving regulatory requirements to the need for active management of security and compliance in a highly dynamic threat landscape. Airwalk Reply's Financial Services Security and Compliance Framework consulting offer guides customers in addressing a number of common questions, including:

- What controls do I need in place to protect our business?
- How do I validate that the right controls are in place and active?
- How do I prevent security and compliance risks instead of responding to them?
- How do I automate security and controls?

- How do I get visibility and assurance of the compliance status of my cloud environments?
- How do I train/enable my teams to use cloud securely?

Airwalk Reply's deep knowledge and experience supporting customers in the financial services industry means Airwalk Reply can quickly define a control standard and implement a control framework.
With Financial Services Security and Compliance Framework, customers can establish continuous compliance through the use of cloud-native tools, market-leading products, and Airwalk Reply's own Continuous Compliance Framework (CCF) to ensure current and ongoing compliance through visibility and active management of security and compliance risks.

How our engagement will work


Airwalk Reply's engagement with you begins with an assessment of the current landscape and approach to cyber security and security controls within your organization. We will conduct an assessment of environment, business services, and AWS services in use, engaging your architects, engineers and security specialists. This will provide a view of the maturity of cloud security controls within your business alongside a gap analysis.

Control catalogue

Airwalk Reply will establish a baseline control catalogue which is aligned to the regulatory and cyber frameworks in your jurisdiction, together with an implementation approach to integrate these controls into your organization.

Cloud-Native Services

Airwalk Reply's implementation approach will take advantage of native AWS services and automate as many controls as possible, promoting a "secure by default" approach and vastly reducing the overhead associated with maintaining and evolving the control framework over time.

Continuous Compliance Framework

Alongside significant experience with a host of third-party tools, Airwalk Reply has developed its own proprietary framework called CCF. CCF is designed to tackle and automate some of the more complex control requirements, particularly where real-time visibility and action is required (and where some third-party tools are not able to provide the level required).

Training and handover

The engagement will conclude with training and handover to ensure your internal teams are empowered for the future, enabling you to own and evolve the framework as your cloud estate grows and changes over time.

Why AWS and AirWalk Reply?

Airwalk Reply helps companies adopt new technologies and techniques to make their business more agile, improve customer experience, and ultimately drive efficiency and growth. Airwalk Reply plays an active role in enabling customers at all stages of their cloud journey. Airwalk Reply is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and has achieved a number of AWS Competencies including the AWS Security, AWS DevOps, and AWS Financial Services Competencies. From the early stages of design and architecture through to build, migration, and management of applications on AWS, Airwalk Reply help customers maximize the benefits of AWS.

Airwalk Reply has delivered projects across almost every industry sector, but its true superpower is experience in accelerating cloud adoption within regulated industries, in particular in the financial services sector. Airwalk Reply has a deep understanding of the issues faced by businesses in this industry, the necessary focus on risk and regulation, and concerns around security and cyber controls that can quickly become a roadblock to innovation and delivery.