Case Study

Renewing the concept of the data warehouse

Achieving better performance and security for online services thanks to the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.


Verti Assicurazioni, an online insurance company, has embarked on a technological renewal programme to consolidate and expand its position in the insurance landscape. The goal is to re-engineer, simplify and optimise operational and business processes, while maintaining performance flexibility, system scalability and the safeguarding of security-related aspects.

For these reasons, Verti has launched a project aimed at renewing the company’s end-to-end Data Warehouse. The solution takes advantage of the latest Cloud technologies and the so-called Oracle Autonomous paradigm in order to maximise the security of the entire infrastructure.


Red Reply accompanied Verti in its renewal programme, identifying the Oracle PaaS Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADWH) technology as the solution best suited to the needs of the insurance company. ADWH in fact completely revolutionises the warehouse concept due to the introduction of automation, designed to dramatically reduce all those time and resource-intensive tasks typical of a database.

On the data side, the new “Data Vault 2.0” model was selected for structuring the company’s data within the Data Warehouse. This approach made it possible to redefine the company’s full range of corporate information assets, making it flexible and responsive to different business needs and facilitating the introduction of Machine Learning algorithms to conduct different types of analysis.

Why Red Reply

To complete the solution, Red Reply, a specialised Oracle Managed Service Provider, implemented a set of customised services, ranging from monitoring to system and data backup, disaster recovery and resilience, aimed at guaranteeing reliability, high quality and maximum performance. By entrusting these services to Red Reply, Verti recognised the company’s ability to best tackle these aspects, relying on automated mechanisms and maintaining a high standard of data protection in accordance with the recent GDPR Regulation.

Verti Assicurazioni


Verti Assicurazioni is a multi-national company operating in the insurance market. Founded in Spain in 2011, the company now also operates in Italy, Germany and the USA. Verti Italia was founded on 1 March, 2018 following the re-branding of Direct Line - the famous brand known for its campaign featuring a red telephone, whose advent had marked a new era in the Italian insurance market through direct services and competitive rates - into VERTI, the natural evolution of the legacy brand, an innovative and strictly digital insurance company that always looks to the future, with simple and fast solutions. Verti Insurance is part of MAPFRE, an international insurance Group that operates worldwide, a leader in the Spanish market and the largest Spanish insurance multi-national in the world. Ranked as one of the top five European non-life branch insurance groups in terms of the collection of premiums, MAPFRE employs more than 36,000 professionals and looks after more than 37 million customers worldwide.

Red Reply is the Reply group company that designs and implements solutions and services based on Oracle Cloud platforms of type IaaS and PaaS, supporting its Customers in the migration to the Cloud of their systems and applications. Through a consolidated expertise on Oracle solutions, Red Reply provides complete support for Cloud Strategy and Migration services, Cloud Applications Development and Cloud Service Management. Red Reply is among the first Oracle Cloud MSP Partners worldwide. Through specific methods and tools, Red Reply supports its customers, from the evaluation phase of the approach to the cloud, the migration to a new architecture and the adoption of an IT Services delivery model in ORACLE Cloud, ensuring cost reduction, scalability and agility.