Case Study

Optimising and accelerating the migration to the cloud

We were sought to deliver a thorough review of Domestic & General’s cloud operating model, employing the Airwalk Cloud Operating Model Framework.

The challenge

Ensuring secure and efficient activities on the cloud, delivering the agility needed in the insurance industry.

The Context

Towards a secure cloud adoption

Domestic & General (D&G) is the UK’s leading provider of warranty services and insurance cover. Founded in 1912, D&G have been a trusted provider for over a hundred years. Their areas of expertise include aftercare for a host of domestic appliances, electrical goods, as well as appliance breakdown protection. With approximately 16 million customers across the UK, Australia and multiple European markets, they continue to develop reliable services and products that meet the needs of their customers.

D&G begun its cloud journey in earnest, and wanted to ensure it could scale and accelerate its adoption in a secure and effective manner. Without the skills and knowledge in-house, D&G appointed Airwalk Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in cloud technology adoption and integration.

The Solution

Introducing our Cloud Operating Model framework

Airwalk Reply was chosen to engage in and deliver a thorough review of D&G’s current cloud operating model. D&G widely regards technology as both vital and crucial for the delivery of their operations and strategy. Given the increased presence of cloud-based solutions, they also recognised the great need for their technology to be reviewed by Airwalk Reply experts, in order for their business objectives to be met. As such, Airwalk Reply approached this challenge by employing specialised software, the Airwalk Reply Cloud Operating Model Framework, which provided a solid foundation for identifying tangible solutions, and areas for improvement.


The Framework

Guaranteeing future-proof cloud infrastructures

A cloud operating model refers to the collection of processes and procedures that define how your technology should be operated in the cloud. This also shifts the focus to digital assets and ensures consistent operations. Airwalk Reply’s Cloud Operation Model Framework was particularly helpful for two main reasons.

Cross-domain advancements

The framework identified D&G’s journey to date across a wide range of fields and concerns. Some of these included governance, risk, security, architecture, tooling, skills and people.

Reinforcing cloud capabilities

Airwalk Reply’s solution meant that D&G could more effectively future-proof their cloud infrastructure and feel more equipped for the future cycles of innovation and technological changes.

The resultS

Specific recommendations for cloud acceleration

As a result of the review, Airwalk Reply identified a number of foundational areas that required close attention, with several recommendations for enhancing optimisation and acceleration. Airwalk Reply put forward solutions which were then accepted by the IT executive at D&G. The company is well into the process of driving them forward into the next phase of its cloud-adoption programme.


For over a hundred years, Domestic & General have been a trusted provider of aftercare for millions of domestic appliances. Today, D&G is the UK’s leading provider of appliance breakdown protection, developing products and services to meet your needs. The company provides protection, maintenance and support for a broad range of domestic products and consumer electronics, ranging from televisions to washing machines to boilers.


Airwalk Reply is the Reply group company specialised in the design and delivery of cloud based services and solutions, driving technology-led transformational change in complex, regulated industries such as Financial Services, Government and the Public Sector. We bring a unique combination of deep technical subject matter expertise across technology strategy, architecture, service design, engineering and security, alongside business domain expertise and a heavyweight delivery capability.