The idea generation challenge for university students about Generative AI

November 11th 2023

Politecnico di Torino

November 25th 2023

Università di Milano Bicocca
Politecnico di Milano
Università di Roma Sapienza


Student Tech Clash is back

The Reply Student Tech Clash is the international students’ idea generation event organized by Reply and dedicated to all students coming from the best universities.

On 11th and 25th November 2023, the Student Tech Clash roadshow visited 4 universities in 3 different cities.

In one day, students brought to life fresh and creative ideas on how to use Generative AI in the most innovative way, emphasizing the technical and market’s needs. Students worked in teams and were supported by a group of Reply experts.

Generative AI

Generative AI is a creative computer tool. It learns from existing content and can make new things, such as art, music, or stories.

This technology is versatile and has applications across various fields, from art and literature to science and engineering. It's like having a digital collaborator that can enhance creativity and problem-solving in different areas of study and work.

Is Generative AI a new frontier for business or just the latest buzzword? And is our society even ready for it?

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