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How clarity keeps collaboration tools from stressing you out

Every couple of years or so, it seems, rumbles of discontent begin to crop up about issues with collaboration tools like Slack. Namely, that it’s an attention sapper at best, and downright pain in the backside at worst, something that hasn’t been helped by Slack’s recent double-posting glitch.


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US cybersecurity specialist launches DevServ

Cybersecurity and cloud provider RFA has officially announced that its dedicated team for Development Services (DevServ) will be now offered to all of the company’s clients.


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Latest phishing strategy pinpoints hacked SharePoint users

Cyber attackers are slipping through the net of email filters under the guise of SharePoint user accounts they’ve compromised.


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Microsoft recognises 555 leading UK education innovators

Over 500 educators based around the United Kingdom who use technology to assist students in their learning have been nominated as Innovative Educator Experts by Microsoft.


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UK county council uses Microsoft technology for greater collaboration

The Warwickshire County Council is now rolling out Microsoft technology to afford its personnel a more flexible way to work. This move supports the Council’s initiative to modernise its system by creating a staff with enhanced flexibility.


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Crow Canyon Software chosen as Microsoft Charter Partner

California-based company Crow Canyon Software has been selected to join an elite group of organisations chosen by Microsoft to be showcased in its Office 365 Business Application Program.


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Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser available in beta version for macOS and Windows

Microsoft has progressed its Chromium-powered Edge browser with an official release of the beta version designed to run with Windows operating systems and macOS.


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Microsoft Partner acquires Mirus IT Solutions

One of Microsoft’s first authorised Managed Desktop partners, IT Lab Group, has taken possession of managed service provider (MSP) Mirus IT Solutions.


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Aberdeen City Council teams up with Microsoft for Scottish first

Aberdeen City Council is the first of Scotland’s local authorities to join forces with Microsoft using its Cloud Navigator programme for digital transformation.


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Microsoft adds new auto-renewal feature to Office 365 Groups

Microsoft has announced that a newly included expiration policy, based on user activity, can be activated in Office 365 groups for select customers using Azure AD Premium. The new policy will allow customers automated access to lifetime renewals making user intervention no longer required.


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Patient.Info uses Microsoft cloud technology to stay ahead

One of the UK’s most popular websites for medical help, Patient.Info is leading a revolution that transforms homes into a GP surgery and supports family doctors. With the assistance of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-based platform, Patient.Info is joining the new trend that allows patients to avoid unnecessary visits to their GP if possible.


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NCC and Microsoft facilitate a company move to cloud

Thanks to an all-new product created by the teamwork of Microsoft and cyber security specialist NCC Group, firms can now utilise Azure cloud-based operations with greater confidence.


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The rise of phishing scams in Microsoft 365

More organisations than ever today are opting to utilise cloud-based services. The benefits are myriad, including both enhanced scalability and drastically reduced maintenance costs, but companies need to remain vigilant against the many cyber threats, such as phishing scams specifically targeting software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps. Widely used by over 155 million commercial users on monthly subscriptions, Office 365 from Microsoft is a major target for cybercrime and companies utilising it must bolster cloud security to protect sensitive data.


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UK council uses Microsoft technology to modernise payroll system

Wiltshire Council is utilising Microsoft virtual assistants to handle repetitive checks on payroll, allowing staff to learn new skills in a more efficient system.


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Microsoft to offer secure OneDrive vault to store valuable files

Microsoft recently announced users will soon be afforded the ability to keep their most important information and personal files in a new section of OneDrive that benefits from additional layers of protection.


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Wales grants NHS operatives Microsoft 365 access

Every NHS healthcare worker throughout Wales will be able to use Microsoft programs, including Teams and Outlook, as part of a new countrywide initiative that focuses on digital transformation.


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Award winning legal business Slater and Gordon has authorised Microsoft to manage its user support, device management and endpoint security directly, in order to enable IT personnel to assist the company in focusing on flexibility and supporting its customers.


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Adobe and Nintex extend e-signature capabilities to SharePoint

Enterprises making use of Nintex in SharePoint either on-premises or online will now have full access to the powerful e-signature capacity from Nintex Sign, which is powered by Sign from Adobe.


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Microsoft and Metropolitan Police Service combine forces to combat London crime

Microsoft is now working alongside the Metropolitan Police Service to help in the battle to reduce London’s crime rate, by cutting costs and making the city safer.


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Quest Software named as 2019 finalist for Microsoft Award

Security software company Quest has announced it has been recognised as a finalist for the Microsoft Health partner of the Year Award 2019. The California-headquartered company joined an elite international list of Microsoft partners also honoured for showing excellence through innovation and successfully implementing customer solutions using Microsoft technologies.


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British business uses Microsoft cloud capabilities and AI to diagnose eye disease

UK company Visulytix is utilising Microsoft Azure and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to supply solutions for eye-care experts so they can identify disease sooner.