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05.02.2019 / SharePoint Online

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Communication – the heart of a company's digital policy

Effective internal and external communication can transform customer relations and employee engagement.


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Office 365 on tablet or smartphone now a reality

Recent developments by Parallels has enabled Windows 10 to run on an Android or iPad tablet – a long-awaited development that has been hit by several snags over the years.


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SharePoint and Office 365 improvements confirmed for 2019

Subscribers to Microsoft packages SharePoint and Office 365 will benefit from new features being rolled out this year.


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Survey shows changes in expected working conditions and benefits

New research by Aon, a provider of retirement and health solutions, has found that 97% of employees’ expectations about their working conditions are changing.

21.01.2019 / Skype for Business

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Skype for Business is sooo 2018

Skype for Business will be migrating to Teams and enterprise clients are already taking this journey. Don’t get left behind.


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Does changing working hours increase business productivity?

Businesses use tools such as Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to increase their workers’ productivity, but could something as simple as changing working hours also make a difference?


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Five cloud computing issues business owners should be aware of in 2019

Many businesses are following recent trends and considering moving some or all of their computing systems to the cloud in 2019. This makes sense of course, but there are certain issues with cloud computing all business owners should make sure they have considered before taking the plunge.


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Is AI the top 2019 trend for content management?

A new year offers a good time to ponder on future trends over the next 12 months. One trend many IT experts agree on for 2019 is greater use of artificial intelligence (AI) in content management.


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Cloud computing and its environmental impact

Tech giants like Microsoft and Google are encouraging both businesses and personal computer users to move to cloud computing, but aside from its practical benefits, can the cloud make a difference to our environment?


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Cloud computing encouraged by government review

A government review is urging small companies to adopt technology, including cloud computing, to improve productivity.


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Will future employees still come into the office?

With the rise of flexible working practices, the question is often asked over whether it is necessary for businesses to insist on their employees attending a workplace, and what role collaborative software can play in making remote working easier.


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Extra SharePoint features could increase subscription levels

Microsoft has announced it is adding new features and options to SharePoint and Teams, changes which could encourage more companies to subscribe to SharePoint and Office 365.


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Short-term future of on-premises Microsoft SharePoint remains solid

The on-premises version of SharePoint has been around since the early days of the internet. With many early internet technologies now obsolete, concerns have from time to time been expressed that SharePoint, like many of its contemporary technologies, will fade.


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Apple launches new Mac mini, but is it suitable for business?

The new Mac mini, launched recently by Apple, is much more powerful than its predecessor and could find a use in business as a workstation.


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Microsoft to raise Office 2019 prices in push for Office 365 subscriptions

The price of Office 2019 licences is increasing by around 10% compared to Office 2016 licences, which will be the first increase since Office 2010 launched.


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Several SharePoint updates inbound for Q4 2018

During its Ignite event at the beginning of October, Microsoft made several announcements regarding new features SharePoint and OneDrive users could expect over the next few months. A few of these additions have already begun to appear and more should be on the way by the end of 2018.


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Microsoft Azure turns 10

At the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles in 2008, Microsoft announced the official launch of its cloud-based operating system, which until then had been shrouded in secrecy. Originally code named Red Dog after a well-known Silicon Valley dive, Azure has gone on to become an integral part of vast number of applications developed by the company for both internal and external partners.


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Fintech plans outlined by Microsoft

Microsoft has used two financial services industry gatherings taking place in October to outline its ventures into the world of financial technology.


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Microsoft rolls out new expense tracker and photos apps

Microsoft is increasing its reputation for creating useful and occasionally whimsical smartphone apps with the release of two new ones for managing expenses and syncing photos and other data with Android devices.


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Microsoft announces new genomics partners

Microsoft is furthering its healthcare initiatives by partnering with two pioneering firms working in the fields of precision medicine and immune disorder research.


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Ignite announcement indicates further SharePoint improvements

At Microsoft’s recent Ignite event in Orlando, Florida, the company provided details on several new updates coming to SharePoint, also outlining its overall goals for the enterprise social network collaboration platform going forward.