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Microsoft FastTrack 

Built upon Microsoft’s award winning cloud infrastructure

WM Reply are one of only 20 FastTrack partners in the UK. As a FastTrack partner, we can assist companies nationally and overseas to migrate to the Cloud via Microsoft's FastTrack solution. But what is the FastTrack solution? Simply put, it's a FREE service that helps your organisation the support needed when utilising Microsoft 365. 

What is fasttrack? 

With Microsoft FastTrack, business can migrate to the cloud via Office 365 effectively and quickly when working with a FastTrack partner like WM Reply. Through this programme WM Reply can provide you with remote advice and support to help you deploy and integrate Microsoft 365 into your way of working. Customers with an eligible subscription to Microsoft 365 can use FastTrack at no additional cost for the life of their subscription.

By using WM Reply as your FastTrack partner, you will be able to take advantage of the programme's framework, best practices and free migration offer while being trained and helped by the extensive knowledge of our expert team. 

Explore the  programme 

New cloud capabilities: FastTrack can help you envision and implement new cloud capabilities via various features including email and content migration, productivity app deployment and allows you to enable identity, device management and modern security.

Gain user adoption: The FastTrack online portal offers access to end-user training to help ensure users adopt the solutions that you’ve deployed. The online portal also gives access adoption templates and change management guides to help you manage change across your organisation.

Engineering expertiseAs a Fast Track partner WM Reply will deliver end-to-end remote guidance to help you successfully deploy cloud solutions and onboard users. Throughout the deployment process FastTrack provides self-serve resources and helps drive user adoption. Join the 60K+ customers worldwide that have enabled cloud via Microsoft's FastTrack solution since 2013.

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