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Microsoft technology empowers King’s College London

The staff of London’s King’s College is utilising Microsoft technology to collate data for analysis throughout the university.


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Microsoft to deliver Files Restore feature to Teams and SharePoint Online

The capability of Files Restore will be available for both Teams and the online version of SharePoint to tenancies in Office 365, according to Microsoft in an announcement made on April 22.


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Azure UK regions doubled by Microsoft

Microsoft has now announced it has doubled the scope of its UK Azure regions through the addition of newly made Availability Zones. This will increase the Azure regions in the UK’s compute capacity by over 1,500 per cent since their online inception in 2016.


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AvePoint now delivering fastest migration for cloud files on offer

The migration platform from AvePoint has achieved speeds up to 100 terabytes per day during real operations.


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Druva attains 100+ percent growth in Office 365 backup adoption

Druva Inc, the leading provider of cloud data management and protection, announced recently that key enterprises are progressively looking to Druva to protect Microsoft Office 365 data for them.


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April Update Tuesday tackles previously-unknown vulnerabilities

The latest April Update or “Patch” Tuesday from Microsoft targets two zero-days actively being exploited.


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Visual Studio 2019 facilitates faster creation, collaboration and coding

In the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio, developers are afforded the tools to create programs and applications quicker and code with colleagues in real-time.


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Three forms of phishing attack on Office 365 explained

While Office 365 and collaborative software like SharePoint are excellent solutions for inter-office communication and file sharing, there is no doubt they are a strong target for phishing schemes.


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Wales to be among first to give free Microsoft 365 to schools

In a move to assist almost 500,000 of the youngest members of its populace, Wales will become one of the world’s first countries to give its maintained schools the benefit of free Microsoft Office 365 access.


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Event: Fall in Love with Yammer 2019

Falling in Love is an annual occurrence here at WM Reply, and judging by the wealth of familiar faces in the room last Thursday, for a lot of you too. Yes, this is the story of our third annual Fall in Love with Yammer event, where we bring together Yadvocates, Yambassadors and fans, to tell stories and share tips on all things Yammer, learning from each other – and from a panel of those in-the-know – to ramp up the effectiveness of their internal comms and employee engagement.


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New features offered to celebrate Microsoft Teams’ second anniversary

To mark the occasion of its second birthday, Microsoft Teams has been enhanced with additional features for the benefit of its users.


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What enhancements are available for SharePoint news?

There’s no doubt the news web part on any SharePoint page is an exceptional way to engage with your active audience and keep them up to date with what is currently happening on your site. You can easily draw their attention to the most important events and interesting accounts, from people-focused stories to company updates. All of this news can be represented with rich graphic imagery through this eye-catching and effective feature.


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Key reasons for considering upgrading a SharePoint Environment

During its 18 years, SharePoint has transformed significantly. In terms of its complexity and functionality, the web-based digital platform has made huge advances from where it started as it continues to support its users in the digital workplace of today.


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Real conversations about workplace collaboration

Our Senior Change and Communications Consultant Charlene Cottle talks about the beauty of Yammer and collaboration in the workplace.

04.04.2019 / London


Fall in Love with Yammer Panel - London

You're invited to join WM Reply and our partners at Microsoft and Sideways 6 for a panel discussion on all things Yammer. There will be a short talk from Microsoft, then we’ll hand over to the panel of people using Yammer every day to achieve great things.

03.04.2019 / London


Sitecore Experience 2019

Cluster Reply, Neveling Reply and WM Reply take part in Sitecore Experience 2019 which will be held in London on 3rd April. The event is focused on the emerging trends and challenges unique to markets in Europe.


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Six bug fixes included in new Windows 10 preview from Microsoft

Ahead of its 2019 update in April, Microsoft has released a Windows 10 preview that contains six different bug fixes.


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SharePoint Online users to receive modern user interface for April 2019

Commencing in April, Microsoft will be changing some of the tenant-level blocking capacity established by organisations to provide its latest user interface (UI). The Microsoft entitled “modern” UI will be delivered to Lists and Libraries, and available for SharePoint Online users.

27.03.2019 / WM Reply

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Making sure to never overlook our internal talent, we have promoted our very own Baxter Willis to Partner.

27.03.2019 / Manchester


Fall in Love with Yammer Panel - Manchester

You're invited to join WM Reply and our partners at Microsoft and Sideways 6 for a panel discussion on all things Yammer. There will be a short talk from Microsoft, then we’ll hand over to the panel of people using Yammer every day to achieve great things.


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Time to migrate to Microsoft 365 with end of support in sight

Although Microsoft’s mainstream support came to an end for Windows 7 on January 13, its extended support is set to continue until January 14, 2020. With this date less than a year away though, Microsoft is advising its users to begin scheduling their migration from Windows 7 to its successors.