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Jive to Office 365 SharePoint Migration

Why Migrate from Jive to Office 365

For anyone who has undertaken an intranet migration you’ll know they are not easy and can be fraught with issues from the logistics of transferring all historical content to retraining and gaining employee engagement. So what’s making businesses consider a move away from Jive and more specifically, why are they choosing Office365’s SharePoint product as their new platform?

After managing a number of Jive to SharePoint migrations, we’ve identified 3 common reasons companies are looking to make the switch.


Many organisations have already made the switch to Office 365. By consolidating the collaboration of their employees onto Office 365 and replacing Jive, these organisations can benefit from a larger reduction in overall licensing cost.

There is an initial fee for migrating to Office 365, however, most businesses find these costs are recouped in the first 3 months of switching, simply because of the cost saving associated to striking a line through Jive’s licence fees.


Office 365 offers a rich suite of collaboration tools, all consolidated in a single platform, enhancing user adoption and engagement. Tools such as Delve and Teams could already be helping improve collaboration between departments so when faced with the prospect of managing a separate Jive environment they realise the hindrance this will cause. In these situations, making this final step over to SharePoint is not only logical but also relatively easy with many employees already familiar with it.


For some businesses their main concern surrounds the future of Jive after it was purchased by Aurea. The question many are asking is how will this buyout impact the future of the system? Will it continue to be developed and be invested in or will to be absorbed into Aurea’s existing CRM suite. Coupled with this, the increased speed Office365 is releasing updates for SharePoint raises serious questions about Jive’s ability to keep pace with competitor products.

Why migrate with WM Reply?

With faster delivery times, reduced project costs and high employee adoption rates, we’ve seen some clients make projected savings in the millions. For many businesses this is the most attractive reason to work with WM on their Jive migration project.

Cost is not everything however, experience is just as important, especially when dealing with such business-critical platforms. We have already supported several enterprise scale clients move away from Jive and onto Office 365. This experience has not only made us experts but has led to the development of an automated migration tool which further reduces cost and delivery time, in fact we’ve become so good at the process it’s not unusual for us to migrate over 10,000 users in less than 3 months.

We also realise that every business is different, so we provide tailored solution that best fit your needs. From simply providing access to our automated migration tool, all the way up to delivering a complete migration and change management service to ensure your successful transition between platforms.

Need support with your Jive Migration?

If you’ve made the decision to migrate over to Office365’s SharePoint platform, or if you’re still deciding if switching is the best thing for your business, get in touch with our team to learn about how we can help you.

Engagement and Adoption

You've just invested a lot of time, resources and money into a new digital solution. But what good is that effort if your employees don't join you on the journey?


Out of the box isn’t always the best solution, especially when your specific business requirements need to be met.


For enterprise businesses, user adoption is key. That’s why we believe it’s vital to build solutions that are easy to engage with; creating a solution people want to use, rather than have to.