Hybrid Working in Financial Services

A Special Research Report brought to you by WM Reply, Microsoft and IPSOS Mori

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Hybrid Working Presents Unique Challenges
for the Financial Services Industry

The Workplace has changed. In the aftermath of mass remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic, where office-based workers work and how they work will not be the same again. The financial services industry overall was quick to act during COVID-19, by introducing the policies, leadership and technology needed to support remote working. However, the response to the next phase of work still requires definition.

Improving productivity, collaboration and security

Digital and technology are reshaping the future of the employee experience: companies need to foster digital literacy and the skills of their employees. Innovative leaders, moreover, must integrate sustainability, digital and technology into corporate culture and identity. The evolution of organizations relies on new ways of working, including the collaboration between humans and AI-powered assistants.

Research Report Highlights and Key Findings

Watch our exclusive webinar where we highlight the key findings from the research and what we feel will be the key takeaways for 2023.

Managing Turnover
and People

"People will vote with their feet. We already struggle to recruit in some areas like technology.

In terms of our recruitment of staff and our employer offer, we’re going to have to accept that there is going to be more and more home working."

Creating a Better
Meeting Experience

“The experience of doing a meeting when, half are in and half are out, is much harder because instinctively you need to act differently. You’ve got the camera on the screen on the left-hand side of the room, then someone of the right-end side says something to you, and you reply to them but you’re not looking at the camera anymore and people on the screen can’t hear you quite well and can’t see your body language.”

The Importance of
Leadership Involvement

“If you don’t practice what you preach then people don’t believe what you preach.

The CEO says flexibility, but she actually comes in five time a week and expects you to be there when she needs you to be there.”

Discover more about the Future of Hybrid Working in Financial Services

Whilst we did not intent to seek answers from the research, it has confirmed that what works for one organisation, will not for another – even in the same industry. Explore more by downloading a copy of the report.

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