Auto Tech Detroit 2024

Reply is co-sponsoring this conference along with AWS and showcasing our combined expertise and capabilities across automotive, data and artificial intelligence. The conference will be held June 5th-6th in Novi, Michigan.

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junho 05 - junho 06, 2024
Novi, Michigan
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Reply, a leader in automotive innovation

Reply is proud to participate in Auto Tech Detroit 2024, a leading event for automotive technology advancements.

As a key contributor to the progress in automotive technology, we are excited to be present at the co-sponsored AWS booth. Here, we will showcase our latest innovations in software-defined vehicles and autonomous driving, highlighting the pivotal role of AI in these advancements. Our cutting-edge solutions leverage AI to enhance vehicle connectivity, improve safety through advanced driver assistance systems, and push the boundaries of e-mobility.

Join us at Auto Tech Detroit 2024 to connect with our experts and discover how Reply is shaping the next generation of automotive solutions through AI-driven technologies and innovative software development.


Unlocking the future: Generative AI's impact on software-defined vehicles

Join Reply and AWS for a dynamic invite-only roundtable discussion on the revolutionary influence of Generative AI on Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs). Explore how Generative AI is reshaping the automotive landscape, empowering carmakers with adaptive algorithms for safer, more responsive vehicles. Discover how these advancements enhance the end-user experience, from intuitive interfaces to personalized driving dynamics. Delve into the ethical considerations and regulatory challenges of this transformative technology. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with industry leaders, researchers, and innovators as we navigate the road ahead in SDV development and deployment.

Discover our traffic light detection solution

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Improving the safety of autonomous driving through the detection of traffic lights

Reply & AWS

Driving innovation together with AWS in the automotive industry