UI & UX Creative Services


Our UI/UX designers create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces by considering both design aesthetics and the user experience. By collaborating with technical teams, conducting research, and creating wireframes and prototypes, we deliver engaging and intuitive experiences that meet user needs and align with business objectives.

Design and Beautiful Intranet

Your website should be educational and engaging to make it the most effective. At WM Reply, our expertise on industry- recognised platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint means we are able to create eye-catching and unique websites for our clients.

UX and Branding Workshops

We collaborate with you, consultants, and creative teams to understand needs, branding guidelines, objectives and project requirements.

Flow Maps, Wireframes and Process Logic

Let our team show you the art of the possible with wireframes and mock-ups that meet project objectives and effectively communicate ideas.

Mock-ups and High-fidelity Designs

Our creative designers, consultants and developers have extensive experience building websites that benefit your business goals with visual appeal.

Interactive Prototypes

We ensure that your intranet is easy to navigate by incorporating the best features of SharePoint to enhance the visitor experience and provide opportunities for interaction and engagement.

Support Visuals, Banners and Dividers

Our experts collaborate with both designers and developers to create technology-agnostic designs to increase engagement for your intranet.