World-class Adoption and Change Management for Microsoft 365


The Change and Adoption team at WM Reply are world-class consultants specializing in helping organisations ensure the technical solution they invested in achieves organisational-wide adoption by their most important assets – people. 

Our team of creative and talented Change Managers, Creatives, Trainers, Animators and Designers have worked with some of the world’s leading brands to help them embed change from within their organisation while also creating meaningful and lasting impacts at every level. 

The only Adoption and Change Management Partner You’ll Need

Partnering with WM Reply for your adoption and change needs means you have taken the first step to success. Our skilled team of change-certified practitioners follow proven and structured methodologies that truly embed change within your organisation. Experience the benefits of an effective change strategy when rolling out Microsoft 365, launching a new intranet, or enabling your team of low/no code developers to create apps and solutions that streamline your processes and positively impact your bottom line.

Our Core Areas of Focus

Adopting Microsoft 365 – Thinking about launching or moving to Microsoft 365 but not sure how to bring your people on the journey? Let us help! We’ll get your stakeholders engaged, build a network of capable and enthusiastic champions, launch with a campaign that will rival top brands and ensure your adoption levels are right where you want them to be. 

Shaping your hybrid workforce – Hybrid working is here to stay – but is your technology ready? We can help to future proof your workplace, supporting people in and out of the office!

Manging your migration – Migrations can be painful – we get it. Lucky for you, we have a team that get the process and enjoy the challenge. We can help you migrate your digital workplace while keeping your people looped into every step. 

Enhancing the Frontline experience – When you’re ready to take your Digital Workplace to your frontline, you need to know what the ROI will look like. We work with frontline employees across multiple sectors; we see great time and cost-saving benefits every day. 

Adopting Power Platform – You’ve invested in this fantastic suite of tools – now you want to grow your internal capability! We can help you to stand up your Power Platform internal offering, all the while building a network of champions that will build solutions for you (and they don’t need to sit in the IT team!) 

Successfully launching your intranet – if you build it, they will come? Who are you kidding? You need to engage, inspire, and get your stakeholders to embrace your new intranet. It’s our speciality. 

Improving the employee experience with Viva – Have you ever thought “Wouldn’t it be great to put all of the news and tools my employees need in one place?” Enhance the employee experience by bringing your Digital Workplace to Teams. 

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SharePoint Training

Having invested time, money and resources into your SharePoint solution, it is vital that you and your colleagues will continue to maintain and use it.


For enterprise businesses, user adoption is key. That’s why we believe it’s vital to build solutions that are easy to engage with; creating a solution people want to use, rather than have to.