A new digital consumer channel for Instant Insurance

The ITASnow case

Following the Italian Legislative Decree 40/21 on “safety regulations for winter sports,” ITAS Mutua expressed the need to create an Instant Insurance application capable of satisfying the ever-increasing demands of the digital consumer channel in the skiing world, particularly for underwriting liability and/or accident insurance.

What is ITASnow?

ITASnow is an application which supports the sale of Instant Insurance policies, developed with a completely serverless infrastructure that allows the purchase of the ITASnow product in just a few simple clicks from any available device.

What were the challenges to address?

  • Creating the Instant Insurance Web App despite a challenging time-to-market deadline
  • Ensuring high scalability of the application
  • Minimizing impact on the client’s existing business
  • Working with native, full-cloud applications

    Guaranteeing 99.9% application availability as well as 24/7 coverage.


    Efficiently managing adaptation to peaks in demand.


    Maintaining performance even after switching the application from single-product to multi-product.


    Applying all OWASP standards in data management.

What was our final solution?

ITAS Mutua, together with our Solution Architects, chose to develop its app on the Amazon Web Services public cloud platform in order to guarantee a secure, highly scalable, flexible and externally elastic solution.

Technological aspects of the solution

  • Client-oriented front-end on ReactTS technology
  • REST oriented client/server interaction via API Gateway
  • Back-end in Nodejs on Single-Lambda-API model
  • NoSQL AWS DynamoDB
  • Direct interaction with payment system and asynchronous notification management
  • Lambda-based print engine via puppeteer


Founded in 1821 to inspire and educate people to protect themselves, for 200 years ITAS has protected its insured members, their families, and their assets. As a mutual, it is non-profit, and reinvests its earnings in projects that support the community. The headquarters and general management are located in Trento, with additional offices in Genoa and Milan. But ITAS is also present throughout the country, with a network of over 900 sales offices.