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Your AWS Managed Service Provider program

A next-gen AWS MSP is committed to three key tenets: educate customers on a proactive, ongoing basis, offering consultative and advisory services, lead with AWS Professional Services, just like a systems integrator (SI) would, and advocate to customers the use of and evolution of AWS services.

Next-Gen MSP operates dev first, by default, by design. Automation on all level is key to the added value of the MSP provider. These two goals are achieved with the full adoption of:

  • Dev(Sec)Ops framework to enable customers to solve their business problems
  • Infrastructure As Code to ensure repeatable, testable, auditable, consistent infrastructure deployments
  • Testing and auditing of produced artifacts
  • Tooling to ensure customer doesn’t need to maintain their own tool:
    CICD, Backup/Restore, Data Migration, Workflow automation, Cost-saving through instance scheduling
  • Training and Continuous Improvement to ensure customer integration with MSP tools

Next-gen MSP

How to start with Amazon Web Serivices:
the onboarding process

The on-boarding process is the standard workflow framework developed, consolidated and adopted by Storm Reply with the goal of taking in charge a customer workload on AWS.

The output of this framework is to make an inventory of the assets, define processes and procedures, review the documentation, assess the security posture of the system, check the monitoring system, integrate alerting with 24/7 operations and take in charge the responsibility to operate a customer workload.

The scope is to define the perimeter of the systems in charge, identify possible service gaps
(GAP analysis) and put in place a strategy plan to close them.

AWS Lite assessment

The Lite assessment activity aims to quickly gather basic information on a system and provide a rough estimation of the service. We provide a form with standard questions to be filled in by the customer and based on that information and some assumption on the solution we provide a rough estimation.

This can be used as starting point to plan the full assessment and tailor the management offer accordingly. The Lite assessment activity typically takes one business day.



Our experts are available h24x7 to manage issues in production environment


We help customers to fully
automate processes with
AWS services


Our experts always guarantee the cloud best practices to our customers


A minimum level of
services is always

Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner

Storm Reply is Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner since 2014, one of the best Amazon Partners in the world, and one of the few companies to have so many different competencies attested by AWS: Security, Financial Services, SaaS, Data & Analytics, DevOps, Machine Learning, Industrial Software, IoT, Migration, Oracle. Storm Reply is also partner for AWS Managed Service Provider program since 2013 and AWS Well-Architected program since 2018. These credentials provide us with an experienced background of design, development, deployment and operations of cloud-based solutions for many customers in different industries. With our integrated approach to cloud adoption, we are able to leverage the technological competitive advantages of the provider and turn it into added value for the end customer.

Over the years, Storm Reply has developed its own service model, by designing an onboarding framework based on worldwide standard ITIL and AWS best-practices. Our in-house service team is composed by multiple units such Cloud Operations, Incident Response Team, Cloud Architects, Dev/SysOps engineers. This structure allows us to be agile and flexible in supporting the business needs of our clients.