Innovate with Generative AI

Get your organization ready to innovate with gen AI on AWS using these approaches and resources.

Generative AI is revolutionizing virtually every industry, transforming the way we do business. Despite its evident power and potential, navigating the extensive array of "art of the possible" examples can be overwhelming.

At Storm Reply, we focus on practical and pragmatic use cases that demonstrate value rapidly by focusing on three essential outcomes:

Increase Revenue
Decrease Costs
Attract and Retain Customers

This approach aims to captivate not only the C-suite and the board of directors but also customers and employees, steering away from hypothetical "what-if" scenarios.

Our Approach

Focus on the three components of generative AI

This targeted approach helps ensure that your organization is ready to start innovating with gen AI. Focusing on your maturity in these three layers accelerates your journey to adoption and reduces the risk in getting started.


New content is created using gen AI in the form of text, imagery, software code, audio, video, and chat.


Combining enterprise data and public data sources with public or private foundation models (e.g., large language models and diffusion models) enables gen AI systems to generate responses, which create new content.
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Establishing governance, security, and ethics policies that protect sensitive data, maintain customer trust, and ensure responsible gen AI deployment lays the foundation for gen AI solutions.
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How to get started innovating with gen AI

Don Mishory, Managing Partner of Storm Reply, and Sheryl Hampton, Head of Data Strategy & Governance at Storm Reply discuss approaches for companies to realize the most value out of experimenting with generative AI:

  • 00:25 What to focus on: an introduction to the three layers of gen AI
  • 03:30 Quickly get to value: three business outcomes for your gen AI use cases
  • 05:50 Audi chatbot: a real-world example for knowledge management

Storm Reply and AWS help you accelerate your AI journey

Dive into our array of resources including workshops, eBooks, and assessments.

We will help you align your leadership to visualize the art of the possible, define high-value use cases, assess your organization’s current data estate and capabilities, and develop an end-to-end AI governance and security strategy.

Generative AI


Unlock Real Value with Generative AI

Explore real-world use cases for gen AI by industry vertical. Find pragmatic next steps to get started and drive toward the three business outcomes:increase revenue, decrease costs, and attract & retain customers.
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Introducing Storm Reply's "ODC Model"

Storm Reply has developed a comprehensive three-tiered framework: Organization, Data, and Content, designed to maximize the benefits of enterprise generative AI initiatives.


Organization Readiness Assessment

This complimentary 30-60 minute session assesses your gen AI readiness from the perspective of your organization, data governance, security, compliance, capabilities, and data-driven culture.


This complimentary 30-60 minute session assesses your gen AI readiness from the perspective of your data estate, including your organization's infrastructure and data platform, master data management, data sources & quality, AI/ML, and BI reporting.

Generative AI


Storm Reply experts will brief your executives on gen AI in your industry and facilitate design-led thinking activities to identify and prioritize key gen AI use cases using your data that will make a real business impact.

Start your generative AI journey now!

We're excited to talk with you about your vision for gen AI at your organization and start building at scale.

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