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Storm Reply offers a fast and efficient path to IoT solutions
with AWS which are built for individual needs.

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Secure, scalable and adaptable IoT for individual needs

Predictive maintenance, digital asset management and smart manufacturing are fundamental for staying competitive and securing growth in the future. However, many organizations struggle to find the IoT solution that really fits their needs. Available platform solutions on the market either lack important features or are oversized and too costly to justify investments. Leveraging serverless technologies, proven blueprints and best practices, Storm Reply builds a fundament that is secure, scalable and extremely adaptable to specific requirements: The IoT Innovator Framework

Zero usage means zero costs


The solution is compliant with the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Customers keep 100% of data governance

Custom built IoT solutions

The IoT Innovator Framework is based on AWS which offers all the building blocks neccesary to build custom applications tailored to the needs of any organization. Storm Reply's IoT approach enables customers to start fast and then evolve and adopt their IoT usage over time. Features are added in a function focused approach to enable fast and risk-free growth. This ensures that the IoT adoption goes beyond Proof of Concepts (POC) or Minimal Viable Products (MVP) as they build on a framework that prioritises security, governance and usability.

Fast and provable results
The fundamental core features of the Platform rely on a framework designed by Storm Reply. This enables a fast, yet secure and scalable start.

Secure and under the customer's control
Security and access controls are implemented by design. All data stays in the customers ownership, is encrypted and auditable.

Cost efficient
The underlying services of the solution are billed per usage only. This granular pricing enables constant cost optimizations and minimizes investment costs.

Thanks to the modular approach the IoT platform is extremely adoptable and flexible. As the platform is embedded into the AWS eco-system future innovations are available by design.

Ways to modernize any business with the Storm Reply IoT Innovator Framework

By integrating IoT services like AWS Greengrass and the AWS IoT core with serverless Lambda functions and custom build databases like Amazon Dynamo DB and AWS Timestream together with encrypted and tiered S3 data storage, Storm Reply can concentrate on the most important aspects of their customers. As the team is always up to date with the broad and ever-growing toolkit of AWS services, innovation speed and cost-efficiency go hand in hand. Vertical growth is covered in AWS by default while new features like predictive capabilities, machine learning and vision technologies can be added at ease and whenever needed.

Frontends and visualizations can be tailored to specific needs and will ensure that the IoT solutions truly reflect the individual organization. Additionally existing systems and standard tools can easily be integrated.

Operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization are by design part of the Storm Reply Amplify IoT solution framework, as every implementation is conducted along the AWS well architected guidelines.

In order to prevent failures the solution enables companies to identify potential equipment malfunctions in real-time. This reduces production downtimes.

By capturing data from sensors and leveraging AWS IoT rules and events the solution improves the visibility of assets and notifies users of potential issues.

Why IoT with AWS?

AWS offers several cloud services that make it simple to securely connect IoT devices to cloud applications. AWS IoT Core allows you to leverage other AWS services like AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS IoT Events, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Machine Learning, and AWS Lambda and in turn for Storm Reply to help you implement or build IoT solutions that gather, process, analyze and act on data generated by connected devices at global scale, without having to manage any.

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