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How Retrieval Augmented Generation makes it easier to find the right information

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The challenge of internal documentation

In today's fast-paced business landscape, internal documentation serves as the invaluable foundation of knowledge, empowering teams to work efficiently and make informed decisions.

Enterprises often have gigantic amounts of documentation, which are accumulated over years. Information retrieval from these gigantic sources of documentation is a time-consuming activity and leads to productivity loss and incomplete retrieval in case of unstructured documentation.​

Keeping the overview with AI

This is where our AI chatbot comes into play. It uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology to retrieve internal documentation, enhancing the company's search using state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs). The solution is based on AWS services such as Sagemaker and accelerates productivity by drastically reducing the time-to-answer and can perform additional actions such as summarization on user request. To create a personal feeling, the chatbot is fine-tuned to respond to users in a consistent style.

The features of our AI chatbot

Our chatbot helps you to master the challenge of internal documentation. It is characterized by the following properties:

The chatbot solution is designed to guarantee security on two levels. Our experts have designed the chatbot architecture inside a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), thus ensuring safety and privacy from external actors. The chatbot also enables employees and customers to directly chat and extract insights from their proprietary data, thus reducing the possibilities of information leakage to third parties.

Modern AI chatbots are often prone to hallucinations if they are asked a question from outside their training corpus. Our chatbot utilizes Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and efficient prompt engineering to ensure that it does not hallucinate, and says no if it is not confident about the results.

Employees often spent large durations of time in searching for information in their humongous databases, leading to productivity loss. Our chatbot not only reduces the search time from hours to a few seconds, but is also able to reason and generate unique insights from your data.

From Confluence to PDF, from Notion to customized websites, our AI chatbot solution is capable of ingesting data from a variety of sources. The integration flexibility opens up a plethora of opportunities, to leverage information from multiple unstructured data sources and generate actionable insights.

What our customers say about the solution

The generative AI chatbot developed by Reply will accelerate our cloud journey effectively. This chatbot is a great example how innovative technology can be utilized to solve practical use cases within a very short time-to-market. It reduces barriers to search knowledge bases for our internal stakeholders and expected to require limited additional effort to be extended to more use cases.

Michael Pawelke
Product Owner AWS Foundation Services
Audi AG

Boosting your internal documentation

You would also like to benefit from the strengths of our AI chatbot? The experts at Strom Reply will be happy to advise you and adapt the chatbot to your specific use case. Take advantage of our extensive experience and in-depth expertise to sustainably improve your internal documentation.

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