Sideup Reply™ Supply Chain Replenishment

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SideUp Reply™ Supply Chain Replenishment is an “as-a-service” solution designed to support collaborative management of the supply chain and the generation of purchase orders for food production companies.
Increases visibility into inventory, consumption and supply forecasts, reducing precautionary stock and the waste generated by expired materials



SideUp Reply™ SCR supports the collaborative management of stock and forecasts on consumption and supply. The solution is based on the online sharing of information between food producers and raw material suppliers: forecasts regarding the need for individual raw materials are updated several times a day, based on forecasting horizons ranging from a week to a month.

The individual responsible for raw materials and suppliers works at a single item level providing information on production plans, expiries, as well as delivery dates and quantities. Once the daily plan has been confirmed, the system generates the purchase orders, sending the necessary information to the corporate ERP system.

The fully cloud-based solution facilitates a rapid start at tens to hundreds of production facilities and suppliers of raw materials. The ergonomic characteristics of the solution and the multi-device support make it easy and effective to add new suppliers. The adoption of a Just In Time process is a strategic factor in the food production sector in which the average life of products and raw materials is limited to a few days or weeks.



The activities managed by SideUp Reply™ SCR are divided into functionality offered to the production company and that available to its suppliers.

Processes and functionality available to the production company:

  • Inventory management based on raw materials and production sites
  • Management of needs and consumption related to production plans
  • Purchase order management, both open and based on specific quantities
  • Management of multiple suppliers for the same item, as well as shelf life and expiry date management

Processes and functionality available to the supplier:

  • Inventory management and loading, both at the supplier’s own centres, and at those managed by the manufacturing company
  • Management of plans and deliveries, with access to purchase orders, lots and expiries
  • Visibility into consumption plans and production orders



SideUp Reply™ SCR offers the following benefits:

  • Extended collaboration with suppliers, with shared visibility into stock and forecasts, overall benefits in terms of production processes and reliability
  • The Just In Time flow reduces the amount of precautionary stock with a positive impact on working capital
  • Greater visibility for suppliers and manufacturers facilitates smaller and more frequent deliveries, simplifying receiving activities with a corresponding reduction in operating costs
  • The general reduction of stock and the increased visibility lead to a drastic reduction of waste due to expired products


SideUp Reply™ is warehouse management, inventory, cross docking, track & trace and logistics of point of sale in web mode.