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Optimised digitalisation

The digitalisation of SMEs as a fashion trend or buzzword – or simply for its own sake – is something that makes little sense. Digitalisation should always have a practical application – and it should accelerate, organise and increase the security of a company’s workflows and processes, too. This kind of purpose-driven digitalisation benefits both a company’s sales and production departments. According to a Forrester Research study, 43% of companies complain about the glaring lack of integrated tools for their marketing and sales teams – a problem that makes it impossible to tackle or optimise the customer experience in a holistic way.

Customer journey

The ability to use data and technologies to record and interpret the interactions that take place along the customer journey makes it possible to individually tailor sales processes to the needs and preferences of each customer. This may be crucial for business given the confusing density of options on the market. AI-based product recommendations, dynamic sales and coaching tools based on machine learning, and AI-based price and discount recommendations are a few examples of this type of digital support.

Win new customers

Alongside concentrating on acquiring new customers, working with current customers offers SMEs a significant opportunity for growth. By modernising marketing and sales strategies with cost-effective digital tools, it is possible to identify leverage opportunities that were previously untapped in the areas of customer retention, growth, up-selling, and cross-selling. With a focus on the Microsoft technology stack, Cluster Reply – an association of more than 50 experts – highlights methods and opportunities for quickly achieving greater customer proximity and higher revenues from acquired data.

Just make more from the data – But how?

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    A Success Story

    As part of a cooperative financial group, Volksbanken, PSD Banken, and Sparda Banken are developing a digital ecosystem called Building & Living through Impleco GmbH, a subsidiary of Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall and PSD Banken. Impleco works towards this objective using two models: through regional SaaS offers from Impleco to major banks on the one hand, and through central service offers on wohnglü on the other.

  • In the first model, Impleco provides Volksbanken, PSD Banken, and Sparda Banken with the PIA platform (“Personal Property Assistant”) as a service. On this platform, Impleco Services combines purchasing, selling, building and modernisation.

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    In the second model, Impleco GmbH uses the website wohnglü to offer end users high-quality content, digital services, and access to a wide network of partners in the construction and living sectors. The start-up, however, lacked a high-performance solution for optimally organising user data and transferring it to the proper partner. In addition, end users should have the option to use additional services, gradually create a profile of their property, and manage it themselves via their login.

The solution: Wohnglück is the key to residential happiness

In its efforts to map these central use cases, Cluster Reply has opted to take a combined approach based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing and the Microsoft Power Platform. At the heart of it is a Dynamics portal solution that integrates customer-focused processes and delivers the seamless orchestration of all associated backend tasks.

A single, dependable hub for structured data collection and evaluation has been established with the help of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform – and it can be expanded as needed in the future. Data can now be stored tidily in the CRM across various service lines and customer inquiries, or even forwarded to third parties. With the Dynamics 365 Portal, customers can directly manage their services on the platform.

We were able to fully realise our goal of simply making more use of data; we also created new offers for customers and provided long-term users with the right added value for everything relating to their own homes, thus helping them find their “Wohnglück” – their residential happiness.

Nico Lanzer
Managing Director, Impleco GmbH

Handing over the keys

Impleco GmbH serves as an illustration of how integrating digital tools can network customer-orientated processes and sustainably improve service quality. The focus is on streamlining administration, upholding the strictest security standards, and being cost-conscious when integrating more precisely tailored solutions.
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    Berlin-based Impleco GmbH is a new FinTech business. The company’s mission is to support people with all of their construction and living-related needs and inquiries. Germany-wide access to cutting-edge digital services and networks created specifically for this purpose is provided by the bank platform PIA (Personal Property Assistant) and the website wohnglü

  • Cluster Reply

    Cluster Reply is the Reply Group company specialising in consulting and system integration of Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft partner, Cluster Reply is active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and works within the Reply network with sister companies in Brazil, Great Britain, Italy as well as the USA. The company focuses on innovation and supports customers in their digital transformation. The solutions range from on-premises to cloud applications in the areas of modern workplace and security, business applications, applications and infrastructure as well as data and artificial intelligence.