Vimar has grown over the years by interpreting the evolution of the living styles of a rapidly changing society: from the early years in delivering simple electrical installations, which primarily called for safety, to modern day home-automation systems, which make technology their everyday ally.

In this highly competitive context, Vimar has continued to invest in the management of the services offered to customers, particularly those dedicated to Customer Service, with a focus on optimising the overall workload of the internal areas involved.

To achieve this, the company has introduced new processes and architectures to enhance its customer support approach along with the communication channels offered. This has enabled Vimar to respond to customer requests promptly and, at the same time, to improve the workload distribution of the staff involved.
Vimar chose Cluster Reply as its technology partner to digitise and optimise the management of customer service activities with all its customers.


The new solution was created with the adoption of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service module. The platform has made it possible to standardise customer support processes, starting from the opening of a request for support, received by phone, via e-mail or through the company website. The different channels allow for the univocal management of the support provided to customers, taking full advantage of the integration between the different platforms.

Vimar’s Customer Service is available both for end customers and for all operators in the supply chain (wholesalers, designers, installers, etc.).
During the case resolution process, operators also have the option to request support from second-level technical staff, or to have recourse to the support of the technical assistance centres.

The use of the Dynamics 365 module enables all Vimar staff in the Customer Service area to use a single Customer Service system which, integrated with the company’s other systems, also includes key functions such as the management of privacy and warranty management.

In addition to access via a browser, used primarily by on-site operators, Dynamics 365 also offers access through a mobile application. This app is used mainly by technical assistance centres in the areas in which Vimar operates. Indeed, the app helps to speed up the resolution of on-site interventions and facilitates quick and real-time communication with operators on site. Thanks to the mobile application, it is possible to manage both the intervention and data privacy directly during the intervention.

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    Vimar is an Italian company producing electro-technical and electronic materials. It operates primarily in Italy and has production units and commercial offices in Austria, France, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore, Chile, Mexico, and Venezuela.

    Light is energy, heat, life. Vimar has been working in this direction since 1945, driven by a strong passion and a desire to innovate: a story that begins immediately after the end of WW2, in Marostica, and which today sees the company active all over the world.