DESK SHARING solution to restart during COVID-19

The solution to restart safely.


By social distancing we mean a series of non-pharmacological actions carried out to control infections by slowing down or stopping the spread of a contagious disease.

The goal of social distancing is to reduce the probability of people who are carrying the infection coming into contact with non-infected individuals.

Social distancing can be applied in all situations, even in the workplace.


The World Health Organization recommends that you keep at least one meter (three feet) away from anyone with a fever, cough or any other symptom of the virus. This behavior is valid both in your private life but also when you go to the office, where in that case it will be the company that will have to put its employees in the condition not only to enter a sanitized environment but also to be able to perform their duties while respecting interpersonal distances.

Cluster Reply's solution, created with the aim of supporting its customers in the management of workstations both in the context of resizing spaces and alternating onsite smart working presence, simplifies the gradual return of staff for the company.


The solution consists of two modules, the Core module and the Covid-19 one, which can be activated as needed.
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    Core module

    The core module allows you to census real estate assets in a structured way, starting from the building and working down in scale to individual items like a desk, displaying all equipment available. This is maintained by a view to a typical multi-company in complex realities where some services, such as real estate, are managed centrally by the parent company.

    Through this module, it is possible to reserve workstations, for single occurrences or for medium-long periods, guaranteeing the segmentation of the desks with respect to the characteristics of the employee (company function and / or business unit of belonging). An automatic reservation may also be implemented which takes into account employee holidays, illnesses and smart working (enabled by system integration with HR company systems).

    Another important element of this module is the desk check-in and check-out functionality which can be done directly from the web app if used from a laptop or by scanning the QR Code affixed to the desk via a mobile app. The solution allows users to generate QR Codes on the platform to be affixed to the desk as well.

  • COVID-19 form

    This module, specific for the current pandemic, thanks to specific functionalities, helps companies to selectively and progressively return to the workspace (necessary in phase 2). In particular it will be possible to: limit the use of desks that do not respect minimum distances, plan limited and staggered access for employees using time slots and facilitate the entire employee onboarding phase (by sending information, filling in questionnaires, training, etc.) by mixing the capabilities of the integrated solution with Microsoft Teams.

    This will allow the company to know, in the event of a case of Covid-19 among the employees, all the people who, during the incubation period, have occupied a workstation close to the desk of the infected person in order to extend the quarantine also to the latter.



The modularity of the solution will allow you to easily integrate it, even incrementally, into your corporate ecosystem by minimizing start-up times, with the additional functionality of being able to configure and customize processes according to the needs of the customer and, where necessary, allow integrations with internal company systems (for example access systems, HR system and other), all with the aim of introducing automation and decision support.
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