27.03.2019 / WM Reply

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Making sure to never overlook our internal talent, we have promoted our very own Baxter Willis to Partner.

27.03.2019 / Manchester


Fall in Love with Yammer Panel - Manchester

You're invited to join WM Reply and our partners at Microsoft and Sideways 6 for a panel discussion on all things Yammer. There will be a short talk from Microsoft, then we’ll hand over to the panel of people using Yammer every day to achieve great things.


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Time to migrate to Microsoft 365 with end of support in sight

Although Microsoft’s mainstream support came to an end for Windows 7 on January 13, its extended support is set to continue until January 14, 2020. With this date less than a year away though, Microsoft is advising its users to begin scheduling their migration from Windows 7 to its successors.


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The case for buying cyber insurance

Businesses buy many types of insurance, but only a minority of them have cyber insurance.


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Cloud services going down – a critical problem?

In February, Microsoft Teams experienced a few hours of unexpected downtime, and this raised concerns about the effect that cloud services going down can have on a business.


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Microsoft Surface vs. the MacBook Pro

All business people want the best software and the ultimate hardware to run it on. Microsoft and Apple both have hardware they sell at premium prices to business pros, with Microsoft offering its Surface Laptop and Apple providing the MacBook Pro.


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Is the key to office productivity more than top-class applications?

Tools such as Office 365 and SharePoint have increased office productivity, but some companies are looking beyond office software tools to get the most out of their workers.


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Office information management is key to successful business

Information management and information intelligence are vital components of business success and provide the ability to outperform competitors.


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Microsoft and Google admit AI has dangers as well as benefits

Both Microsoft and Google are committed to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve how their applications work. However, these tech companies are also acutely aware that bad AI could potentially damage their brands.


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Microsoft Twins Challenge battles Office 365 against Office 2019

A series of new adverts by Microsoft called “The Twins Challenge” shows a pair of twins, one working on Office 2019 and the other Office 365. In one advert both are working on a PowerPoint presentation. The twin using Office 365 finishes first. Why? Because Office 365 PowerPoint has more features than the Office 2019 version.

05.02.2019 / SharePoint Online

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Communication – the heart of a company's digital policy

Effective internal and external communication can transform customer relations and employee engagement.


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Office 365 on tablet or smartphone now a reality

Recent developments by Parallels has enabled Windows 10 to run on an Android or iPad tablet – a long-awaited development that has been hit by several snags over the years.


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SharePoint and Office 365 improvements confirmed for 2019

Subscribers to Microsoft packages SharePoint and Office 365 will benefit from new features being rolled out this year.


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Survey shows changes in expected working conditions and benefits

New research by Aon, a provider of retirement and health solutions, has found that 97% of employees’ expectations about their working conditions are changing.

24.01.2019 / London


Personalised and Data-driven: UX, Design, and Sitecore for 2019

Join us in Victoria as we explore the changing landscape of web projects, introducing dynamic data-driven content, continuous UX/UI optimisation, and rapid project delivery.

21.01.2019 / Skype for Business

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Skype for Business is sooo 2018

Skype for Business will be migrating to Teams and enterprise clients are already taking this journey. Don’t get left behind.


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Does changing working hours increase business productivity?

Businesses use tools such as Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to increase their workers’ productivity, but could something as simple as changing working hours also make a difference?


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Five cloud computing issues business owners should be aware of in 2019

Many businesses are following recent trends and considering moving some or all of their computing systems to the cloud in 2019. This makes sense of course, but there are certain issues with cloud computing all business owners should make sure they have considered before taking the plunge.


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Is AI the top 2019 trend for content management?

A new year offers a good time to ponder on future trends over the next 12 months. One trend many IT experts agree on for 2019 is greater use of artificial intelligence (AI) in content management.


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Cloud computing and its environmental impact

Tech giants like Microsoft and Google are encouraging both businesses and personal computer users to move to cloud computing, but aside from its practical benefits, can the cloud make a difference to our environment?


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Cloud computing encouraged by government review

A government review is urging small companies to adopt technology, including cloud computing, to improve productivity.