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Microsoft joins Mayor Sadiq Khan to tackle London’s major challenges

Tech giant Microsoft has joined forces with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and the Social Tech Trust to battle some of the largest challenges facing the UK capital.


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UK colleges use Microsoft tech that helps students learn

Colleges and schools based in the United Kingdom have joined Microsoft’s teaching showcase that assists student learning with its latest technology.


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Microsoft releases sizzle videos to promote products

During its recent annual Ignite conference, US multinational Microsoft issued three brand-new sizzle videos for three of its software products – Tasks, Fluid Framework and Yammer. This new media release is designed to not only show the potential of the software but entice viewers to revisit them and discover exciting new applications.


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New business-focused phone system launched by Microsoft in the UK

An all-new phoning system designed for business use that unites chat functions, calling, meetings, email services and calendars has been released by Microsoft here in the United Kingdom. At WM Reply, we specialise in creating personalised solutions to business problems using state-of-the-art technology from Microsoft.


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Microsoft and Cambridge University project secures government support

The government is backing a new initiative to offer researchers better artificial intelligence (AI), enabling it to have a stronger impact in important areas like healthcare.


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New Microsoft acquisition helps customer cloud migration

Many companies are now choosing to make the move from on-premises storage to cloud-based platforms to house data, as they offer both lower energy costs and improved scalability. As experts in Microsoft technology like O365 and SharePoint WM Reply is ideally placed to assist you.


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Microsoft launches second ‘AI for Good’ initiative

Microsoft has announced it will be working alongside UK companies to help the planet as well as individuals with disabilities by developing artificial intelligence (AI) at the recent Future Decoded expo for 2019.


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SharePoint used to outflank secure software from Symantec

A campaign of phishing attacks is using the online platform SharePoint to bypass the Symantec Corporation’s secure email gateway.


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Latest Microsoft fixes featured in October’s Patch Tuesday

The latest software updates have been issued by Microsoft to fix close to 60 security problems in both Windows and software developed to work on top of the operating system. For the most part, the October edition of Patch Tuesday is ‘light’ but does contain some fixes considered critical by Microsoft.


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Microsoft enables social care team to devote more time to people

A major health and welfare charity for the disabled is using Microsoft technology as a way to assist its staff in delivering enhanced support and care.


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AI helps NatWest comprehend financial market behaviour

A collaboration between Microsoft, Natwest and DreamQuark will use Artificial Intelligence to predict patterns in the financial market and source fresh insights.


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Microsoft chief speaks out on data privacy at UK event

Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, announced at a recent London event that the world has reached a pivotal point, with people insisting on greater control than ever over their data and the technology they use.


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Safety testing zone added to Windows server

Windows users looking for a safe area to test security have been afforded a new option from Microsoft.


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Microsoft Outlook beats Gmail to introduction of must-have theme

Microsoft is hoping a new feature it has announced for Outlook will give it the edge over email rival Gmail.


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How clarity keeps collaboration tools from stressing you out

Every couple of years or so, it seems, rumbles of discontent begin to crop up about issues with collaboration tools like Slack. Namely, that it’s an attention sapper at best, and downright pain in the backside at worst, something that hasn’t been helped by Slack’s recent double-posting glitch.


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US cybersecurity specialist launches DevServ

Cybersecurity and cloud provider RFA has officially announced that its dedicated team for Development Services (DevServ) will be now offered to all of the company’s clients.


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Latest phishing strategy pinpoints hacked SharePoint users

Cyber attackers are slipping through the net of email filters under the guise of SharePoint user accounts they’ve compromised.


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Microsoft recognises 555 leading UK education innovators

Over 500 educators based around the United Kingdom who use technology to assist students in their learning have been nominated as Innovative Educator Experts by Microsoft.


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UK county council uses Microsoft technology for greater collaboration

The Warwickshire County Council is now rolling out Microsoft technology to afford its personnel a more flexible way to work. This move supports the Council’s initiative to modernise its system by creating a staff with enhanced flexibility.


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Crow Canyon Software chosen as Microsoft Charter Partner

California-based company Crow Canyon Software has been selected to join an elite group of organisations chosen by Microsoft to be showcased in its Office 365 Business Application Program.


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Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser available in beta version for macOS and Windows

Microsoft has progressed its Chromium-powered Edge browser with an official release of the beta version designed to run with Windows operating systems and macOS.