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The rise of phishing scams in Microsoft 365

More organisations than ever today are opting to utilise cloud-based services. The benefits are myriad, including both enhanced scalability and drastically reduced maintenance costs, but companies need to remain vigilant against the many cyber threats, such as phishing scams specifically targeting software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps. Widely used by over 155 million commercial users on monthly subscriptions, Office 365 from Microsoft is a major target for cybercrime and companies utilising it must bolster cloud security to protect sensitive data.


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UK council uses Microsoft technology to modernise payroll system

Wiltshire Council is utilising Microsoft virtual assistants to handle repetitive checks on payroll, allowing staff to learn new skills in a more efficient system.


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Microsoft to offer secure OneDrive vault to store valuable files

Microsoft recently announced users will soon be afforded the ability to keep their most important information and personal files in a new section of OneDrive that benefits from additional layers of protection.


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Wales grants NHS operatives Microsoft 365 access

Every NHS healthcare worker throughout Wales will be able to use Microsoft programs, including Teams and Outlook, as part of a new countrywide initiative that focuses on digital transformation.


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Award winning legal business Slater and Gordon has authorised Microsoft to manage its user support, device management and endpoint security directly, in order to enable IT personnel to assist the company in focusing on flexibility and supporting its customers.


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Adobe and Nintex extend e-signature capabilities to SharePoint

Enterprises making use of Nintex in SharePoint either on-premises or online will now have full access to the powerful e-signature capacity from Nintex Sign, which is powered by Sign from Adobe.


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Microsoft and Metropolitan Police Service combine forces to combat London crime

Microsoft is now working alongside the Metropolitan Police Service to help in the battle to reduce London’s crime rate, by cutting costs and making the city safer.


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Quest Software named as 2019 finalist for Microsoft Award

Security software company Quest has announced it has been recognised as a finalist for the Microsoft Health partner of the Year Award 2019. The California-headquartered company joined an elite international list of Microsoft partners also honoured for showing excellence through innovation and successfully implementing customer solutions using Microsoft technologies.


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British business uses Microsoft cloud capabilities and AI to diagnose eye disease

UK company Visulytix is utilising Microsoft Azure and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to supply solutions for eye-care experts so they can identify disease sooner.


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Microsoft adds UK to startup support programme for women

UK women will be offered assistance in starting companies and developing them in a new Microsoft initiative.


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Microsoft urges against bypassing spam filters in Office 365

End users and those with administrative privileges are being warned by Microsoft not to bypass the in-built spam filters Office 365 ships with.

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Highstreet Retailer Connects Employees Around the World

A British high street retailer was looking to introduce a new intranet which would allow increased efficiency between corporate and retail based staff. The introduction of a new multilingual intranet would cater for these requirements.

Highstreet Retailer Connects Employees Around the World  0

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Businesses to be able to save 365 settings in cloud

Microsoft has announced that as part of a new update to the customisation tool in Office 365, organisations will be empowered to save configuration files within the data centres of the American multinational’s cloud facility, so they can access them later.



Smoothly switch from Skype to Teams

Join us as we talk about how to get ready for your Skype to Teams transition.


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Microsoft to open London flagship store

US multinational Microsoft has officially announced it will open a major store in London in July 2019.


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Phishing attacks evolve to complicate detection

A recent report has outlined how individuals behind phishing attacks are taking more sophisticated approaches to improve their effectiveness against existing defences.


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Birmingham university uses AI Microsoft grant to aid disabled

Birmingham City University (BCU) is working on technology that allows people to code using their voice and eyes with an aim to get more workers with disabilities into the technology sector.


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Microsoft outlines new features in OneDrive and SharePoint

At Microsoft’s annual conference for SharePoint held in Las Vegas, the American multinational announced the addition of brand new features for both OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.


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Microsoft research informs UK healthcare on benefits of AI

One of the foremost technology experts for health at Microsoft briefed the UK Health secretary on the positive impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) could have for healthcare.


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General availability for Microsoft Search announced

The US technology giant Microsoft has made an announcement at Build 2019 of the general availability for its latest search facility – Microsoft Search.