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OneNote used in keylogging phishing campaign

A recent phishing campaign has been discovered to be using Microsoft’s OneNote digital notebook program, which auto-saves and synchronises noted to get past detection features in order to get malware onto target’s systems.


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New features now available for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s collaboration and communication platform Teams has been upgraded with enhanced tools. Developed to facilitate working in groups with improved integration, the new capabilities also advance the Microsoft’s ongoing endeavour to make Teams the go-to chat platform for enterprise use.

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British American Tobacco - From Skype for Business to Teams

British American Tobacco was the first FTSE 100 company in the UK to fully migrate from Skype for Business to Teams only, shutting down Skype for Business for good, and WM Reply helped them do it.


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Security experts identify faults in Microsoft Azure

Leading cyber security specialist Check Point has uncovered two major security issues with Microsoft Azure. The weaknesses could potentially be taken advantage of by cyber criminals to obtain access and gather sensitive data stored on any machines that are running Azure. Learn more about the security weaknesses now.

27.02.2020 / Chicago


Fall in love with the modern workplace - Office 365

Register for the Fall in Love with Modern Workplace event in Chicago for insight into the value and return on investment potential of Microsoft Office 365 – including SharePoint, Teams and Yammer.


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Microsoft Search gains innovative internal acronym feature

In a recent announcement from Microsoft, the Redmond-based firm stated it had integrated a new acronyms feature to its current search facility. Learn more in this article


Case Study

Atlantic challengers use Microsoft technology to communicate

A sister and brother rowing team are using the latest communications solutions from Microsoft while involved in a competition to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 3,000-mile-long race. Experts in Microsoft collaborative tools, at WM Reply, we can assist you with bespoke solutions for your business needs.


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Lloyds implements Microsoft technology to fuel digital transformation

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) has officially announced a new strategic partnership working alongside technology giant Microsoft in a bid to accelerate the organisation’s journey towards complete digital transformation. At WM Reply, we create bespoke solutions for specific enterprise needs using the most cutting-edge technology from Microsoft.


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New Edge browser from Microsoft now available for download

Microsoft’s new version of Edge has officially left its preview status and entered general availability for download. Entitled Microsoft Edge 89 stable, it can now be downloaded from the company’s website.


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What are the advantages of upgrading to SharePoint 2019?

Microsoft SharePoint offers a collaborative platform with a high capacity for modification. Despite this highly configurable quality, many enterprises utilising it do not always upgrade the user environment.


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Microsoft research reveals UK enterprises can develop faster than Europe rivals

New research undertaken by the software giant Microsoft suggests that by solving communication issues, UK-based companies can grow far faster than rival firms located in Europe.

13.01.2020 / Webinar


Free Webinar: Migrating from SharePoint 2010 & 2013: Are You Ready for End of Support?

With January marking the start of the final 9 months of SharePoint 2010's period of extended support, and with the end of support deadline for 2013 creeping ever closer, we ask 'Is your organisation ready?'.


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Recommended security profiles from Microsoft coming to Office 365

The internationally popular Office 365 from Microsoft is soon to benefit from recommended security profiles.


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APT groups ramp attacks on enterprises in Q3

It has been reported that target attacks on businesses showed an increase in the third quarter of the year, according to Tech Republic. Cyber attackers have continued to depend on both social engineering and malware to acquire information from both individuals and enterprises alike. Attacks are deployed using bogus using built-for-purpose email addresses, compromised sites in SharePoint and word docs riddled with malware.


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Microsoft delivers enhanced cognitive search in Azure

Microsoft has provided its cloud-based platform Azure with an updated “cognitive search” facility.


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Users issued warning over spoof Windows update

Cybersecurity experts have identified a spam campaign capable of infecting systems with Cyborg ransomware. The attack is made via a fake Microsoft email that outlines an important update for the Windows operating system.


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Microsoft joins Mayor Sadiq Khan to tackle London’s major challenges

Tech giant Microsoft has joined forces with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and the Social Tech Trust to battle some of the largest challenges facing the UK capital.


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UK colleges use Microsoft tech that helps students learn

Colleges and schools based in the United Kingdom have joined Microsoft’s teaching showcase that assists student learning with its latest technology.


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Microsoft releases sizzle videos to promote products

During its recent annual Ignite conference, US multinational Microsoft issued three brand-new sizzle videos for three of its software products – Tasks, Fluid Framework and Yammer. This new media release is designed to not only show the potential of the software but entice viewers to revisit them and discover exciting new applications.


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New business-focused phone system launched by Microsoft in the UK

An all-new phoning system designed for business use that unites chat functions, calling, meetings, email services and calendars has been released by Microsoft here in the United Kingdom. At WM Reply, we specialise in creating personalised solutions to business problems using state-of-the-art technology from Microsoft.


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Microsoft and Cambridge University project secures government support

The government is backing a new initiative to offer researchers better artificial intelligence (AI), enabling it to have a stronger impact in important areas like healthcare.