Retail Reply helps clients accelerate their response to the opportunities of digital transformation in the retail and consumer sector. The imperative to reduce prices and costs, while continuing to meet rapidly evolving consumer demands, is incredibly challenging. Retail Reply exists to help clients meet that challenge.

We believe that making a real impact requires a strong understanding of all aspects of organizational change. That’s why our team includes not only highly skilled consultants, but also seasoned leaders who have decades of experience driving change in-house at renowned retailers and consumer goods firms such as M&S, SABMiller, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sainsbury’s.

​Retail Reply supports clients’ digital transformation agenda in three distinct ways: Digital Strategy, Planning, and Delivery.


All consumer-facing companies – retailers, consumer goods firms, retail banks, and beyond – today need a robust customer-centric digital strategy. What do customers value most, and how can digital capabilities enhance our ability to deliver this value?​


Architecting the ability to deliver the strategy is as important as the strategy itself. What key assets and capabilities does the company already possess, and which need to be added? What’s the roadmap to bring these into being?​



Execution is fundamental. Retail Reply has over a decade of experience delivering solutions that work in the real world. We bring this capability to bear not just when we help clients set their strategies, but also when it comes time to put them into practice.

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Me, Myself & We

Every keystroke we make leaves a footprint of a decision we have taken, or a preference we have expressed. Having the ability to interpret or mine this data and personalise it is crucial for successful businesses today. Without this ability, all this data is simply noise.

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Five key elements of digital transformation

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Five key elements of digital transformation

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Capability transformation

Digital transformation is not just a technology challenge – the right people, processes, organization and culture are just as important. Through more than a decade working with Europe’s leading retailers, we have developed the range of tools - reference models, technical frameworks, development roadmaps – that are needed to ensure real change is embedded and delivers real value.


Retail Innovation

Innovation has always sat at the heart of retail success. Both the imperative to reduce costs, and the urgent need to adapt to changing consumer demands, are raising even further the pace of innovation. We draw on the expertise of the over 80 specialist companies that comprise the Reply Group to bring the very latest in digital technology to our work; and we join this technology capability with deep experience of the retail and consumer sector to deliver effective innovation that drives sustainable growth.



Developing and maintaining seamless and personalised omnichannel customer experiences is rapidly becoming the norm in today’s retail environment. We call it “proximity commerce”, and we’ve been supporting some of the UK’s and Europe’s most highly regarded omnichannel retailers for years. This has enabled us build a powerful toolkit to accelerate the development of the full range of capabilities required to succeed.


Open retail ecosystems

Speed and agility have never been more important than they are in today’s fast-paced market. We help retailers and consumer goods firms tap into the API economy, to create the capability to collaborate and accelerate speed to market, improve service levels, and innovate at pace. Our work with clients with a wide range of technology infrastructures – from traditional legacy environments to digital native “dotcoms” – has equipped us with the experience to help clients at any level of technological maturity to benefit from these new more flexible ecosystems.


Customer-centric strategy

Customer centricity is easy to aspire to, but tough to deliver. We help clients build on their existing customer insight and delivery capability to identify opportunities to improve – from incremental evolution through to radical change. Our team draws on experience across a breadth of consumer-facing sectors – retail, consumer goods, automotive, retail financial services, hospitality, and others – to help clients truly see the world from their customers’ shoes; and then determine how best to act.


Consumer Expertise

Pushing the frontier by working with Europe’s most successful retailers and consumer goods firms.​​

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We have over a decade of experience working with the UK and Europe’s leading retail and consumer businesses, including Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, and more, to execute their most critical strategies, fr​​om omnichannel development, to retail innovation, to capability transformation.

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