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Data platform and Google Cloud: Telepass’s digital journey

Telepass – a leading Italian mobile services provider - decided to build a new Google Cloud-based data management platform as part of the company’s broader digital transformation project. Go Reply supports Telepass in its data-driven transformation.

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Set Sail with Google AI for business insights

The aim of the ‘Set Sail’ series is to accelerate your knowledge in the industry by inviting experts to share their insights as well as getting together, networking and having a bit of fun.

Join us on September 29th in London to learn how AI and Machine Learning algorithms backed by the power of Google Cloud can be used to transform and streamline your business, and provide valuable insight to help drive sales.

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The AI Summit global series delivers the content and networking opportunities to ensure that the industry decision-makers are fully equipped to fulfil their AI road map, and to bring your company into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Reply, as an Industry Partner, will be presenting exciting live demos and giving you the opportunity to put our latest AI applications to the test during the two-day gathering!

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04.01.2022 / Information Age

Press Article

How organisations can drive value from AI on the edge

Mike Ellerton, partner at Go Reply, spoke to Information Age about Reply's recent research conducted into edge AI, and how organisations can drive value from the technology.



Databricks on Google Cloud

Go Reply supports companies with a seamless Databricks integration with Google AI and Big Data services like Google BigQuery, Looker, Google Cloud AI Platform and Google Cloud Storage.

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The sky’s the limit for improving viewing experiences with Google Cloud

Sky Italia teamed up with Google Cloud Partner Go Reply to begin its cloud journey.

Cloud Security


Security for the Google Cloud

Google Cloud Security products help companies meet their policy, regulatory, and business objectives. Go Reply offers Management and Consulting on Security for the Google Cloud 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all through the year.

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Google Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud can be intimidating. Building on our Google Certified Professional engineers experience and combined 50+ years' experience in the team, Go Reply are well positioned to use our Google aligned best practices, proven processes and project assets to work jointly with your team to enable a successful migration.

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Set Sail on
your Data Journey

11 December 2020 | 15.00 - 16.00 GMT
An interactive virtual session hosted by Go Reply, Google Cloud and Forrester

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Prepare for Change

Nothing has been untouched by the pandemic. The world is changing rapidly and Resets are happening across every sector. Learn how Go Reply helped its clients during COVID and register for the latest insights from Google.

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Case Study

AISportsWatch: Livestreaming Sports at Scale with Google Cloud

AISportsWatch aims to balance the scales between top clubs and amateur teams by providing an online platform for broadcasting the matches of smaller teams across a range of sports. AISportsWatch turned to Go Reply, Google Cloud Premier Partner, to help reshape the company’s architecture for a smooth switchover to the Google Cloud environment.

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AI for financial services

Best Practice

AI assisted fraud detection

With advancing technologies simple data manipulation can now be carried out by a large number of people. Very often the recognition of these cases is difficult to be carried out or only happens after a certain delay. Latest architectures based on deep-convolutional neural networks or approaches via reinforcement learning demonstrate the ability to effectively distinguish between tempered and authentic images.

AI for manufacturing

Best Practice

AI assisted quality control

Quality control represents a crucial step in any industrial production cycle. Many control tasks rely on visual information like an image stream from a conveyor belt. In these scenarios, context deep learning approaches can be beneficial.

AI for Retail

Best Practice

AI Store Check: Shelf Survey at POS with just one click

"AI Store check" is an application which allows sales representatives to automatically perform shelf surveys – all they need to do is create photos of the shelves with the app and upload them to the cloud. An AI is then used to perform an analysis.

Google Cloud Platform

Case Study

Google Cloud Platform is the solution for Sky Italia

Sky Italia has teamed up with the Go Reply cloud partner to develop a hybrid transcoder on the Google Cloud Platform.