Security for
the Google Cloud

Go Reply manages and consults on Security with the GCP

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Security with 
the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Security products help companies meet their policy, regulatory, and business objectives. It provides a multi faceted set of controls and capabilities.

Go Reply's around the clock Command Center

Go Reply offers clients a Cyber Security Command Center specialized to Services for the Google Cloud. Its operations are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and all year long.

The Security Portfolio

The security services with and for the Google Cloud are tailor-made and continuously improved to ensure comprehensive protection

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    Security Assessments

    • Performing a Cloud Security Posture Review
    • Analysis of GCP-Infrastructure / Configuration mapped with Security Best-Practices
    • Tool-based assessments and scans (e.g. Forseti)
    • Risk-focused remediation and improvement plans
    • Definition of automated compliance methodologies

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    Security Monitoring and Operations

    • Implementation of Access Transparency and Automated Log Aggregation
    • Setting up Monitoring or SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) based on several vendor specific (e.g. Elastic, Splunk) and GCP native services (e.g. Chronicle, Event Threat Detection, Cloud Anomaly Detection)
    • Setting up secure operating processes (Incident Response)

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    Data Security

    • Enforcing POLP (Principle of Least Privilege)
    • Designing deletion concepts based on cloud native issues like retention policies, tags etc.
    • Implementing services with the DLP (Data Loss Prevention) API
    • Building DLP solutions for Hybrid Deployment models with partner vendors (e.g. Netskope)
    • Implementing CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) solutions.

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    Infrastructure Security

    • Setting up hardened infrastructure, configuration management
    • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Compute Engine Security Implementation
    • Cloud KMS (Key Management Service) and Cloud HSM (Hardware Security Module), Secret Manager or third party vault services
    • Implementation of Google Certification Authority Services (internal and external PKI, Public Key Infrastructures)
    • Detection of vulnerabilities (Web Risk API, Web Security Scanner )

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    • Security Baseline design and implementation
    • Implementation of Organization Policy Constraints
    • Implementation of CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management ) for 3rd party vendors (e.g. Netskope, Aqua, CheckPoint)

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    Cloud Migration and Transformation

    • Migration of applications and infrastructure to a (Multi-)Cloud or Hybrid Architecture
    • Transformation of the Deployment cycle
    • Building a low maintenance environment

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    API & IOT Security

    • Robust API management implementation
    • Enforcing compliance standards (e.g. PCI DSS, HIPAA)
    • Implementation of adaptive security against cyber threats and bots, quota & visibility
    • Monitoring & Alerting
    • Implementation of APIGEE Sense

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    Built-In Security Features

    • Integration and Optimization of built in security features like: Google security Command Center, Policy Analyzer, Shielded VMs, VPC Service Controls, Private Service Connect, Network
    • Intelligence, Firewall Insights
    • Migration and adoption from third party security vendors to cloud native

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    Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Security

    • Securing Implementation of safe and reliable Multi Cloud Application Platforms ( e.g. Google Anthos)
    • Multi cloud network design and perimeter orchestration (CheckPoint, Fortinet, Tufin etc.)
    • Establishing a secure unified Multi Cloud Operation

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    Identity Access Management and Federation

    • Implementing the BeyondCorp security model / Context Aware Access with Google identity and Access Context Manager
    • Integrating third Party Vendors (e.g. Okta)
    • Implementing Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud federated Identities

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    Network Security

    • Secure VPC network segmentation in accordance with on-premises networks (holistic zoning concept)
    • Implementation of suitable perimeter services and next generation firewalls (e.g Cloud Guard)
    • Implementation of Cloud VPN, Cloud Interconnect
    • Secure Web Gateways (e.g. Netskope)
    • Cloud infrastructure services (e.g. Cloud DNS)
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DoS Defense (Cloud Armor)

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    Secure DevOps

    • Implementing cloud native or external Repositories and Build Pipelines (e.g. Cloud Build, Cloud Source Repositories, Artifact Registry)
    • Establishing principles for a secure agile development culture
    • Integrating static and dynamic security scanning CI/CD pipelines

Expertise in numbers ​

+350 Professional Certifications on methodologies and products​
17+ years of experience on IT Security
500 Cyber Security Experts
~150 Google Cloud certified professionals