Business Change
with Google Cloud

Go Reply combines its strong engineering experts with senior delivery
and business change professionals to unlock the value of your technology

Working with Go Reply Business Change

We start with organisations about to embark on sustainable business change.

Our services provide expertise, methodologies, and strategies needed to help organisations embed GCP and unlock its potential.

We work to deliver a comprehensive service that combines project, programme, and change management to facilitate
successful business transformations.


At Go Reply, we specialise in providing an extensive range of business change services tailored to meet the evolving needs of your organisation. We focus on facilitating seamless transitions and fostering innovation to drive growth and success.

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    • Change Readiness Workshop - Evaluate senior leaders’ readiness and propensity for change in the organisation.
    • Development Roadmap - Enable senior leaders to explore their current readiness for change, helping them identify barriers to overcome and opportunities for creating a roadmap for change.

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    • Innovation Workshop - Collaborate with senior leaders and SMEs(Subject Matter Experts) to define critical client problems and come up with at least one focused, actionable solution.
    • Innovations Roadmap - Assist senior leaders in crafting a roadmap to delivering and embedding a series of innovations and changes into the organisation.

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    • Change Readiness Assessment - Assess an organisation's propensity and need for change across a number of aspects, including strategy, business impact, communication, digital maturity, culture, training needs, and change readiness.
    • Strategic Roadmap - Create a medium-to-long-term roadmap to help your organisation effectively adopt and embed changes.

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    • Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness - Identify sources of inefficiency and address root causes by addressing ways of working, processes and activities.
    • Integrated Business Transformation Services - Deliver a comprehensive service that combines project, programme, and change management to facilitate successful business transformations.


Award-winning Customer Success in Data Migration to Google Cloud

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    Go Reply played a crucial role in the successful Data Migration with Google Cloud for the client, delivering the program on time, generating positive feedback and earning the "Best Team Strategy Award" in Google Cloud's bi-annual event. Business change and technical expertise were instrumental in driving the overall programme and enabling successful migration to GCP for the client.

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    Prior to engaging with Go Reply, the client encountered significant hurdles in migrating their data services. These challenges stemmed from the absence of a coherent plan and internal methodologies that were not aligned with the scale of the migration task at hand. Consequently, the client faced uncertainty and inefficiencies in their data migration efforts.

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    Go Reply addressed these challenges by implementing clear program governance, aligning organisational goals, and deploying technical expertise strategically. Additionally, Go Reply leveraged its technical prowess to address bottlenecks and hurdles encountered during the migration process. We also set up Google Cloud monitoring systems for effective migration scope management.

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    Go Reply's contribution led to the successful migration of 138 data pipelines, the decommissioning of 208 physical servers, and the execution of 34 data cutover releases to GCP. These tangible results not only validated the efficacy of the migration strategy but also delivered tangible value to the client's operations, positioning them for future growth and innovation in the cloud environment.

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