Contract Analytics AI

Providing intelligence over your library of B2B & B2C contracts, allowing for rich conversational querying, analytics and proactive automated management.

Our Contract Analytics AI Offering

At Go Reply we have expertise in digitising, structuring, and extracting data from contracts, enabling rapid insights through conversational queries, and advanced clause analytics.

Our offering includes accelerators in business logic processors, agents and secure infrastructure build, designed to rapidly reduce to time to launch and maximise value for our customers.



  • Gather your contracts

    Bring all your contracts into one secure space

  • Extract important information

    Pull out key details like dates, terms and prices using AI

  • Organise Your Contracts

    Create a clear, structured overview of your procurement landscape

  • Ask Questions about Contracts

    With the help of AI, you can use plain language to ask questions about your contracts

  • Discover useful insights

    Get instant answers to discover valuable insights and make informed decisions

Benefits of Contract Analytics AI

How does Go Reply do this?

  • Scope & Define (1.5 Hours)

    Understand and define the business case

  • Tailor & Deliver (6-12 Weeks)

    Deploy Contract Analysis AI, tailor the solution to your particular business

  • Improve & Iterate

    Grow the value of the solution through additional use cases and self learning opportunities


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