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Working with Go Reply Data and Analytics

Google Cloud empowers organisations to unlock the untapped potential of their data, providing a dynamic platform for advanced analytics.

This strategic advantage enables our clients to make data-driven decisions that inform and transform their businesses, positioning them at the forefront of their respective industries.

Partnering with Go Reply ensures your business transformation is fully supported, data-driven, and innovative.


At Go Reply, we specialise in comprehensive Data and Analytics offerings designed to empower organisations with transformative insights and efficient data management solutions. Our expertise spans across four key areas.

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    • Data Architecture - Craft resilient platforms, data lakes, and warehouses to ensure seamless and efficient operations.
    • Data Ingestion - Streamline the process of ingesting your data into Google Cloud, facilitating smooth and optimised processing.
    • Data Replication - Ensure dependable duplication of data across various products.
    • Data Integration - Manage the intricate 'plumbing' of Google Cloud to optimise data flow and ensure smooth operational continuity.

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    • Business Value - Unlock business value by pinpointing crucial questions that drive strategic decision-making.
    • Data Preparation - Deliver masterful comprehension, cleansing, and transformation of data to extract meaningful insights.
    • Analytical Coding - Uncover the truth within your data through advanced analysis.
    • Data-led Storytelling - Showcase effective communication of insights through compelling, data-driven reporting.

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    ML & AI

    • Model Conception - Choose the most suitable framework to address your specific use case requirements.
    • Strategic Forecasting - Predict future data trends by leveraging historical patterns.
    • Precise Classification - Identify useful groupings and making accurate predictions.
    • Data Operations - Ensure the delivery of substantial value from data operations.
    • ML Operations - Streamline production processes with varying degrees of automation.

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    • Platform Setup - Commence with Google Cloud and Looker to initiate powerful analytics.
    • Access Control - Establish a secure tiered, multi-group access group system.
    • Platform Migration - Streamline migrations to Google Cloud solutions.
    • AI & ML Integration - Incorporate the latest advances into your platform.
    • Data Monetisation - Unlock value from your data to realise its full potential.
    • Application Development - Elevate your BI capabilities to new heights.


AI-Enhanced Document Analytics Transforms Telco Contract Management

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    A multinational telecommunications giant successfully overcame a significant challenge posed by 15 years of traditional paper contracts that had been converted into non-searchable digital assets. The absence of searchability and cataloguing in these contracts led to manual efforts for contractual and billing queries, raising concerns about potential revenue leakage. To address these issues, the company partnered with Go Reply to implement a Cloud-Native solution using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services.

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    The telecommunications company grappled with the transformation of traditional paper contracts into static PDF files over the past 15 years. These digitised contracts lacked searchability and cataloguing, necessitating manual efforts for contractual and billing queries. The absence of a regulated process led to an unknown amount of revenue leakage, requiring identification and correction. The company sought a solution to automate document analysis, cataloguing, and data mining to enforce business rules and meet contractual obligations efficiently.

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    Go Reply delivered a Cloud-Native solution that centered around GCP services, leveraging BigQuery and Document AI. This solution aimed to ingest, catalogue, and identify fields within 65,000 contracts. The key objective was to establish a standardised process that facilitated easy data search and mining. By aligning contract and billing data, the company ensured full compliance with obligations, with any gaps or issues reported in real-time. By leveraging GCP services, the solution provided scalability, reliability, and security required for handling large volumes of contracts.

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    In a remarkable achievement, Go Reply's solution documented and analysed 65,000 contracts within 2 hours, uncovering and correcting £130M in missed billing revenue. The company now benefits from a comprehensive and searchable contract database, ensuring contractual obligations are met while identifying revenue-boosting opportunities. This transformation has enhanced operational efficiency enabling the telecom giant to thrive in a competitive landscape, with accurate billing, streamlined processes, and valuable insights driving sustained growth.

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