Data and Analytics
with Google Cloud

Go Reply derives insights from your data to enable data-driven decision making with Google Cloud

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Working with Go Reply Data and Analytics

Google Cloud empowers organisations to unlock the untapped potential of their data, providing a dynamic platform for advanced analytics.

This strategic advantage enables our clients to make data-driven decisions that inform and transform their businesses, positioning them at the forefront of their respective industries.

Partnering with Go Reply ensures your business transformation is fully supported, data-driven, and innovative.

Wide and deep specialisms

Go Reply's Data and Analytics specialisms are spread over four areas

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    Data Engineering

    • Architecture - Designing platforms, lakes and warehouses
    • Data ingestion - Easily ingesting your data into Google Cloud
    • Data replication - Duplicating data reliably across products
    • Data integration - Handling the ‘plumbing’ of Google Cloud

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    • Business value - Finding the right questions to ask
    • Data preparation - Understanding, cleaning, and transforming your data
    • Analytical coding - Understanding your data truth through data analysis
    • Data led narrating - Reporting back data-led answers

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    ML & AI

    • Model conception - Finding the right framework to answer your use case
    • Forecasting - Using historical patterns to predict future data
    • Classification - Finding useful groupings, and making predictions
    • Generative AI - Adapting recent AI advancements for your business
    • DataOps - Ensuring value from data is delivered
    • MLOps - Productionising with different levels of automation

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    • Platform set up - Starting off with Google Cloud and Looker
    • Secure complex access - Implementing secure tiered, multi-group access
    • Platform Migration - Streamlining migrations to Google Cloud solutions
    • AI & ML Integration - Adding the latest advances to your Platform
    • Data Monetisation - Realising value from your data
    • Application development - Taking your BI to the next level

Platform and Offerings

We use Google Cloud Platform and deliver using three major Data and Analytics offerings

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    Google Cloud Products

    • We have certified specialists in all aspects of data engineering, data analytics, artificial intelligence and visualisation on Google Cloud
    • This includes using VertexAI, BigQuery, Dataflow, Dataproc, Dataplex, Pub/Sub, Looker, Cloud Composer and Cloud Data Fusion

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    Specialist Consulting

    • We have 32+ Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineers and 66+ Certified Professional Data Engineers
    • They can provide resource augmentation or expert advice in a defined aspect of Data & Analytics
    • Engagements from 1 week+

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    • Pre-built, cost effective modules to quickly affect change in your desired area
    • Engagements from 1 - 6 months

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    Bespoke Project

    • Large scale projects drawing on multiple accelerators and bespoke coding solutions
    • Engagements from 1 month+

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