Databricks on Google Cloud

Go Reply supports companies with a seamless Databricks integration with Google AI and Big Data services like Google BigQuery, Looker, Google Cloud AI Platform and Google Cloud Storage.

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Why Databricks?

Managed and optimized Spark: Developed by the creators of Apache Spark, based up on open source standards but with improved performance and further optimization
Unified Data Platform​: One central and fully managed platform for all data-related work enabling Data Engineers, Data Scientists as well as Data Analysts
Lakehouse: ​A relational layer on top of you Data Lake, enabling ACID transactions

Databricks on Google Cloud

Databricks combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes. It enables companies to store all of the data on a simple, open lakehouse platform to unify all analytics and AI workloads. Thanks to the tight integration with Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery and the Google Cloud AI Platform, Databricks can work seamlessly with data and AI services in the Google Cloud.

Performance: Based on the Google Kubernetes Engine, with Databricks on the Google Cloud companies can get insights faster​ than on any cloud
Integrated Data Services​: WIth Data stored in Google Cloud Storage companies can start right away with existing data, closely integrated with BigQuery for fast data connection
Integrated Management: Companies can simplify access with existing Cloud IAM roles​ and fully integrated billing over GCP

Go Reply guides companies on their path to Databricks

Migration support:
With an existing Databricks environment on another Cloud Platform provider Go Reply offers implementation and training services to managers and teams

Data Discovery:
Building a unified Data Platform based on Databricks and the Google Cloud Platform, Go Reply supports companies during the foundational GCP setup

A fully scalable Data Platform:
Replacing existing Hadoop/Spark cluster with a modern solution, Go Reply supports companies with the migration to a modern, fully scalable Data Platform. This allows for benefits such as zero idle compute costs and low storage pricing

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    Go Reply

    Go Reply is part of the Reply Group and specialises in the implementation of cloud platform architectures and the creation of cloud-based solutions on the Google Platform. This means supporting customers through the whole Cloud Journey. Go Reply is able to respond to business needs during the different phases of the process, from engagement to migration and execution to post planning with optimisation after deployment.