Generative AI
with Google Cloud

Go Reply adds value within your organisation using gen AI solutions with Google Cloud

Working with Go Reply Generative AI

We are one of the first Google Premier Partners working with Generative AI and we have done successful showcases with
both Google and Clients.

Our approach is to understand the science, cut through the hype, use the right tool for the job and start at a safe and appropriate scale.

We specialise in enterprise-level secure Generative AI GCP tools to: discover new opportunities within your organisations by unlocking unstructured knowledge; reduce operational drudgery to empower your workers; and delight customers by improving user journeys.

Our Generative AI Offerings

At Go Reply, we pride ourselves in being pioneers in Generative AI, leveraging our expertise as a Trusted Tester for Google Cloud’s Gen AI suite. Our offerings include:
Methodologies - Design Thinking workshops empower your team with Generative AI skills, sparking innovation and identifying high-value use cases.
Accelerators - Tailored packages, expedite your adoption of Generative AI within the Google Cloud Gen AI suite.

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    • No-Code Solution - Generate dashboards in seconds by asking natural language questions on your data using our no-code solution powered by Generative AI on Google Cloud.
    • Safeguarded Solution - Incorporate an enterprise-ready solution that secures your data within your tenant GCP project.
    • Customisable solution - Create a tailored solution harnessing the power of a no-code platform, allowing customisation of outputs which includes figures, insights, KPIs and analyses, while seamlessly integrating machine learning predictions.

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    • Insights Extraction Solution - Extract information from an increasing goldmine of “dark data”, which is stored in unstructured formats such as PDFs, making it inaccessible for analysis and decision-making, but could potentially be used to automate processes or gather analytics.
    • Data Structuring Solution - Utilise Google Cloud’s Document AI which provides a broad range of preconfigured processors, and allows you to create custom models powered by Generative AI for your own document types.

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    • Search Engine Solution - Build search engines and chatbots by leveraging Enterprise Search, enabling organisations to streamline access to information and knowledge from their websites, unstructured, and structured data.
    • Chatbot Solution - Utilise Google Cloud's Vertex AI Search and Conversation to power your solution, employing text embeddings for efficient organisation and search of documents, enhancing accessibility and usability.

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    • Custom Image Generation - Enables users to generate images fine-tuned on their proprietary collateral so as to ensure that values, brand tone and consistent style are transmitted throughout the content generated using our content generator solution which is powered by Google’s Generative AI models.
    • Rapid Output Testing - Create and test various outputs in our web application to swiftly generate your content, like marketing campaign banners, ready for publication on a mobile app for user consumption.


Revolutionising Cyber Analytics with GenAI

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    Our groundbreaking project introduces an innovative cybersecurity solution, leveraging GoaiGENt's no-code tool on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The project aims to revolutionise user experience by enabling plain English queries, personalised dashboards, and dynamic insights using Generative AI capabilities, thereby addressing the evolving needs of clients in the telecommunications sector.

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    Our client, a prominent player in the telecommunications sector, faced the challenge of catering to the cybersecurity needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) lacking dedicated cybersecurity staff. Balancing top-level information for beginners and in-depth analysis for experts posed a unique challenge. The goal was to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity insights through a subscription-based "Cyber Analytics" service.

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    Our innovative solution integrates GoaiGENt's GenAI capabilities with Google Cloud. Agents, operating using the LangChain framework, facilitated the application's execution. Key models included PaLM 2 for text generation, which enabled the extraction of user intent and Codey for code generation, enabling data extraction, analysis, and tailored output. Specialised agents for various datasets maintained consistency in performance, providing company-specific metrics, benchmarking, security trends, and time-series analysis.

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    The project has yielded transformative outcomes, reshaping how the organisation tackles cybersecurity challenges. It redefines user interaction, simplifies data interpretation, and provides streamlined top-level information and detailed technical insights. Through GoaiGENt integrated with GCP, we are adding value by providing actionable insights, streamlining processes, and setting new standards for cybersecurity excellence.

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