Kubernetes Professional Services

In the development and implementation of cloud-native platforms and applications, Storm Reply combines years of experience as a Premier Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner with in-depth Kubernetes expertise.

Storm Reply uses Kubernetes, an open source system for managing containerized applications on multiple hosts, with public cloud providers to take advantage of the system's highly flexible infrastructure and additional services such as managed databases, file shares, container registration and more. Storm Reply has many years of experience as a Premier Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner and Kubernetes expertise in developing and implementing user-centric and cloud-native platforms and applications. The developers have proven their skills in the construction of Kubernetes backends for millions of connected cars or in high security and availability solutions in the telecommunications industry. Storm Reply consultants include Kubernetes Certified Administrator (CKA) and Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD).

Storm Reply offers consulting and services for Kubernetes, being specialized in the automation of deployments and usage of operation tools such as Kops or with a managed solution such as AWS Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS).

Define requirements

During a workshop and an accompanied requirements meeting, the Storm Reply experts work with the customer to define a specification for the Kubernetes cluster: this includes instance sizes, network architecture, storage requirements and all other necessary topics such as service mesh. It is also possible to start with a so-called "Best Practices Cluster" if the needs cannot yet be clearly formulated. By default, these clusters are able to autoscale so that the cluster can grow and shrink with the workload. Based on this information, resource requirements can be defined and instance and memory sizes can be optimized for optimal resource consumption.

Kubernetes enables easy implementation of microservice architectures, event-driven architectures, and evolutionary architectures that are sometimes difficult to design and implement. Storm Reply can assist you with solution architects and developers specializing in Kubernetes and OpenShift solutions for various industries.

Certified Service Provider

As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and AWS Certified Managed Service Provider, Storm Reply brings the skills and team strength to operate, monitor, log, update and maintain your platform and application. Storm Reply's experts follow the DevOps principles with organizational and technical aspects. This includes the financial operations (FinOps), the management of your AWS account and the resources to optimize the consumption/budget ratio.

Alternatively, you can use Storm Reply's AWS managed Kubernetes service: a best practice, hardened and actively maintained individual Kubernetes cluster. You can extend the cluster with predefined building blocks and services or provide your own components. Your added value: Your entire basic infrastructure, including AWS services, is operated and maintained. Via a ticketing system or a personal contact person, you can request additional changes or individualizations of your Kubernetes cluster. All components used are open source, which prevents a vendor lock-in and ensures continuous further development of the functions by the community.


Our goal is to offer you the best solution. In addition, we want to train your teams so that they can manage Kubernetes themselves. Therefore we have developed a holistic training program.

If you are interested in one of our trainings, please do not hesitate to email us:

  • Zero to One

    Entry level: Training for Kubernetes inexperienced users begins with the Docker, Kubernetes' core concept. It continues with the development and maintenance of Kubernetes clusters and best practices for RBAC, network and pod definitions.

  • CKA Preperation

    The Certified Kubernetes Administrator is a certification to prove your knowledge in the management of Kubernetes clusters and their configuration of components. Our CKA-certified trainer will guide you through the curriculum, give you important exam notes, and test your knowledge before the exam.

  • CKAD Preperation

    The Certified Kubernetes Application Developer is a certification to prove your knowledge in the development and configuration of Pod manifests and components at Kubernetes. Our CKAD-certified trainer guides you through the curriculum, helps you with important notes, and plans your exam.

  • AWS EKS & Friends

    AWS EKS is the managed Kubernetes from Amazon Web Services. We will show you how to use, update and operate EKS and what other useful functions and tools AWS offers you in addition to AppMesh and Cloud Map.

  • Kubernetes Day Two

    Benefit from our knowledge about running Kubernetes clusters in the cloud and learn about the many small details that ultimately make the difference between a good and an excellent cluster operation. The training includes cluster optimization, security, backup & recovery and monitoring.

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    Storm Reply is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and supports their efforts to improve the open source landscape and help develop new ideas and technical solutions.

    The CNCF is the basis of Kubernetes and many other open source tools like Prometheus, etcd, fluentd or Helm. Since all open source projects are organized by the community, CNCF supports them in project organization, marketing and events such as KubeCon. In addition, CNCF ensures that donated projects remain open source.