Real-world AMP application

Hear the first-hand experience from our partner, Gripple, and find out about all the benefits solution AMP has to offer

Why AMP?

Reduce downtime, predict trends in your production and prevent problems – all achievable with AMP (Asset Monitoring and Predictive). AMP is a packaged solution combining hardware with AWS services that allows asset monitoring and predictive maintenance to happen at the edge. AMP is device agnostic and has the ability to cover existing legacy systems as well as installation for greenfield sites. Leveraging the latest AWS IoT edge services, AMP will provide you with modern dashboards and alerting that don’t stop even if your plant goes offline, or your asset is mobile and loses connection.

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Hear from our client, Gripple, on how AMP reduced machine downtime and saved cost

Gripple is a globally recognised manufacturer, delivering innovative wire joiner and tensioner solutions to construction and agricultural markets.

Case Study

Storm Reply, AWS & Kingspan

Discover how Kingspan cut audit times from 3 weeks to 3 hours by leveraging their global visibility and efficiency with Storm’s IOT solution, AMP.

 Storm Reply, AWS & Kingspan 0
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    Storm Reply, part of the Reply Group, is a Premier consulting partner dedicated AWS. Our focus is Modernization and offering end-to-end IoT solutions leveraging AWS IoT services. Storm Reply solutions are turnkey and include re-useable assets and playbooks to help clients quickly adopt and realize the value of AWS and IoT. Our IoT solutions cover a range of industries and use cases. AMP specifically looks at asset monitoring to help clients transition from reactive to predictive maintenance.