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Spike Reply offers Security Operation Services

The trend of outsourcing

In the last couple of years, outsourcing has become more and more of a trend within different subject areas because it reduces costs, frees IT resources for innovative projects and brings in external expertise. However, standard service usually never matches with the individual needs of a business driven company.
To solve this issue, service providers need to ensure seamless and individual cooperation.

10 years of expertise

Spike Reply is convinced that an on-site managed service delivered from a highly trained consultant leads to the best results for the client. Therefore, the team offers locally managed service departments in several countries, including Italy and Germany.
This provides high quality and individual services using automation techniques and aspects of the ITIL framework. Keeping costs low, but staying in close contact with clients the consultants provide a service hotline as Single Point of Contact.
Historically originated in the area of network operations Spike Reply designs services together with the client. For this, the consultants offer a high level of expertise on relevant topics and knowledge on vendor products.
  • 24x7 service operation and support from a local office in Germany or Italy
  • Providing a German- and English-speaking service hotline
  • Supporting the most relevant vendors currently on the market
  • Including Asset and Configuration Management
  • Network- and Security Monitoring, as well as SIEM and SOC services
  • Individual design, based on customer use cases and existing security processes
  • On-Premises, Public or Private Cloud installation, based on individual privacy requirements
  • Managed operations for any solution
  • Seamless integration with individual processes, optionally on-site or with a client-specific ticketing system
  • Automation of business processes or flexible manual services
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    Benefits of Spike Reply

    Spike Reply is delivering highly individual and innovative services with a focus on security technologies. Clients benefit from solutions which fit their individual requirements just the way they need them

    • 360 degrees deep understanding of cybersecurity, from standards and best practices to processes, procedures and technologies

    • Proven experience in different industries and complexity levels

    • Services tailored to every customers’ security needs and management expectations, thinking "business first"

    • Attitude and ability to transfer competences to clients

    • Improving organization-wide awareness for effective cybersecurity management