Benefitting from the cloud, in a secure way

Spike Reply offers solutions for Cloud Security


The cloud changes traditional technology paradigms. It is available to everybody and, in many organizations, teams start using cloud solutions before there is a mature governance structure for it. Growing numbers of accounts, different cloud providers, unclear ownership and a lack of control pose significant risks to organizations.

The right cloud security strategy enables companies to address these risks while minimizing the impact on independence, speed and agility of teams.

Design, Engineering and Automation

Security by design in cloud infrastructures, platforms or applications is key. Furthermore, cloud-based security solutions mostly offer improved protection at competitive prices.

Running these elements in an ecosystem that can interact and operate in an automated way reduces risks and costs.
  • Cloud Security Posture Management
  • Cloud Security Risk Assessments, Blueprints and Baseline Design
  • Secure Cloud Architecture, Design and Review
  • Compliance Monitoring & Automated Compliance
  • Cloud Security Engineering
  • Cloud Security Solutions (PKI, WAF, CASB, SASE)
  • Cloud Identity and Access Management
  • Cloud Security Automation and Automation of Multi-Cloud Infrastructures
  • API Gateways and API Management
  • Serverless and Microservice Security
  • Secure CI/CD Pipelines and automated Security Testing, as well as securing AI based applications
  • DevSecOps Advisory & Security Champions
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    Benefits of Spike Reply

    Spike Reply is the security specialist in the Reply group. The expert’s security consulting services consider people, processes and technologies as key factors for achieving the right security level within organizations. Spike Reply’s expert knowledge:

    • Complete offering from strategy to solution design & implementation from one hand

    • Proven experience in different industries including Manufacturing, Telco, Automotive, and –Banking and Insurance

    • Highly qualified experts in the cloud security field with cloud-provider specific certifications and vendor-specific training

    • Scaling capabilities with qualified security consultants and access to the Cloud-Native, IoT and BigData experts in the Reply group

    • Security by innovation with cloud security solutions at the edge of technology and the readiness to go one step forward with our customer