Tailoring Security to business needs

Spike Reply offers Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

Strategy, Programs and Plans

Security assessments and maturity model evaluations, risk analysis and compliance gap analysis – awareness of the current security situation and the security mission within an organization is the starting point to define and implement mitigation actions, multiyear remediation plans and a profound security strategy.
Spike Reply’s offering is tailored to guide companies along their path towards a security concept that fits their individual needs.

Security Implementation

According to the needs and priorities, the adoption of a security roadmap includes several actions, such as the review of internal roles and responsibilities, incident management, third parties’ risk management and setting up an information security management system. To stay ahead of threats it is important to create a corporate security culture through training and awareness initiatives and through improved and formalized internal processes. Another pillar of an information security management system is the continuous adoption and monitoring of security dashboards as well as KPIs.
  • Assessment and gap analysis on security standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/ IEC 22301 and PCI-DSS
  • Assessment on global and local regulations with impacts on security such as GDPR, SOX and other European Regulations
  • Support with the adoption of management systems compliant with standards and regulations
  • Security assessment and maturity model evaluation
  • Risk analysis
  • Security strategy and multi-year remediation plans
  • Third party risk management
  • Business continuity framework establishment, monitoring and testing, reviewing and improving
  • Crisis management advisory on strategy and overall framework
  • Pandemic resilience planning, testing and improving
  • Physical security posture, remediation plan, governance improvement
  • Country risk level evaluation, travel intelligence and supplier selection
  • Threat intelligence, reputational analysis, trust and transparency monitoring
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    Benefits of Spike Reply

    Spike Reply delivers its services considering people, processes and technologies in order to achieve security goals and ensure continuous improvement.

    • 360 degrees deep understanding of cybersecurity, from standards and best practices to processes, procedures and technologies

    • Proven experience in different industries and complex environments

    • Services tailored to every customers’ security needs and management expectations, thinking "business first"

    • Attitude and ability to transfer competences to clients

    • Improving organization-wide awareness for effective cybersecurity management