Making modern networks bulletproof

Spike Reply offers security for networks and infrastructures

Infrastructure security and operations

The network and infrastructure operations have to deal with a set of challenges providing a continuous and healthy base service such as DNS and DHCP to keep the networks running at all times. Not only human errors can affect those services, but also security incidents. These modern security breaches mostly have one of two goals: they either try to encrypt data and files to make them un-useable, or they try to steal data. Both cases need a quick and professional incident response team to counter the attacker, since time is crucial.

A clear architecture and design are the keys to provide resource-efficient solutions. Solutions for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) collect and correlate logs based on pre-defined sets of logics.

Network Security

Spike Reply covers the entire network landscape from switches to routers to firewalls to VPN gateways. The consultants provide architecture projects from A to Z. Additionally, Spike Reply consultants leverage state-of-the-art network concepts such as software-defined networking (SDN) as well as software-defined WAN to optimize networks of clients.

Furthermore, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) reduces the impact of possible breaches within milliseconds after detection.

In an increasingly cloud-oriented world, SecSaas services are emerging. Spike Reply supports clients in finding the solution for every need, from on premises to hybrid to the cloud.

  • Design and implementation of networks with state-of-the-art technologies, architectures and solutions such as WAF, IPS/IDS, NGFW, VPN Gateway, Network visibility and Anti-DDOS
  • Increase the management and optimization of your security infrastructure through Tufin and Skybox
  • Setup and concept of network access control mechanisms to restrict and secure access to enterprise resources with Forescout
  • Leveraging software-defined technologies for networks, WANs and access to automatize processes and improve OPEX for enterprises using Cisco and Fortinet technology

Having a 360 degree visibility of infrastructures is a fundamental asset. Systems for Security and Information Management (SIEM) create a single source for security control, enabling activities of security analysts such as automation, monitoring, data correlations, alerts, threat hunting, intelligence and incident response.

  • Architecture and design of security information and event management systems
  • Implementation and administration of Arcsight or Elastic based SIEM solutions
  • Evolution projects to keep enterprises ahead in terms of their SIEM system
  • Logging is the first step for visibility but managing those logs is the key aspect

Network and Infrastructure security is designed to offer security against internal and external threats. High technical skills are needed to manage security sources or incident coming from the security devices of the infrastructure.

  • DDI – DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management: Spike Reply designs, implements and administrates solutions from small to carrier-grade infrastructures
  • Monitoring as a crucial operational service for quick reactions to issues
  • Responding to security incidents right after an indicator of compromise (IoC) has been detected
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    Benefits of Spike Reply

    Spike Reply delivers the base for security incident prevention by providing detection and automatic response solutions for the infrastructure. Additionally, the consultants offer modern concepts for networks tailored to the specific needs of clients. This ensures an effective and cost-optimized architecture for individual needs. With an immediate, professional incident response service Spike Reply also helps companies after a security breach has occurred.

    • Deep understanding of cybersecurity, from standards and best practices to processes, procedures and technologies

    • Proven experience in different industries and complex system landscapes

    • Services tailored to every customers’ security needs and management expectations, thinking "business first"

    • Improving organization-wide awareness for effective cybersecurity management