Keeping risks in view

Spike Reply offers solutions for application security and observability

A new era of logging and monitoring

New technologies  are changing important principles of log collection and monitoring. The right logging and  monitoring architecture  helps  companies keep an eye on an entire digital ecosystem while minimizing costs, traffic congestion and risks. 
The same solutions can then be used for performance and security monitoring. 

Protecting information anywhere

The expertise of Spike Reply is built on deep knowledge of international standards, best practices and regulations and enriched with real life examples of common practical issues and related best solutions.
  • Scalable log collection and analysis 
  • Effective monitoring and alarming for both application performance and security
  • Optimal observability through advanced and custom dashboards
  • Solution hosting and log storage decisions
  • Architecture optimization for functionality and cost 
  • Centralized consoles for multi-cloud or hybrid scenarios
  • Security dashboards and integration in incident response workflows 
  • Definition and implementation of powerful global correlation policies
  • Advanced AI-assisted threat hunting and anomaly detection 
  • Automated technical measures either as defense or remediation 
  • Automated reporting and integration to reporting or management tools 
  • Policy-based machine-triggered processes 
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    Benefits of Spike Reply

    The security consulting services consider people, processes and technologies as key factors for achieving the right security level for organizations individually. 

    • Expertise in state-of-the-art logging and monitoring solutions and complex integrations 

    • Proven experience in different industries including Manufacturing, Telco,  Energy and  Automotive  

    • Highly qualified experts in security monitoring and vendor-specific certifications 

    • Security by innovation with cutting-edge technology and the attitude to be, together with the client, one step ahead