Protect data and manage digital identities

Spike Reply offers services for Identity Governance and Data Security

Data Loss Prevention and Database Protection

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) describes a set of technologies and processes that reduce the risk of sensitive data being stolen or lost. This means intellectual property protection, personal information protection and ensuring compliance.

Database Protection describes a set of technologies and processes that reduces the risk that sensitive data is stolen, viewed, edited or deleted by unauthorized people.

Identity Management

An Identity Management solution is an integrated system for managing the life cycle of identities and their access rights across multiple systems and applications. Organizations depend on an Identity Manager to ensure that users get access rights quickly and appropriate to their needs and in line with compliance policies.

Usually Identity Management solutions are integrated with other components in order to support Recertification Campaigns and approval workflows.
  • Key protection: Ensure physical and logical protection of the keys
  • Strong Data protection through best-in-class encryption
  • Managing the identities of infrastructures
  • Certification campaigns analysis, setup and running support
  • Reconciliation campaigns analysis and setup
  • Role mining analysis, role model definition and evolution roadmap design
  • Integration with on premises and hybrid solutions to collect information
  • Digital identities lifecycle management: for humans, robots, secondary access, testings or external users
  • Access Rights request with approval workflow analysis and design
  • Analysing, reviewing and designing a segregation of duties, toxic combinations or critical rights
  • Integration with multiple target systems to automatize provisioning
  • Discover, manage and govern privileged accounts on multiple systems and applications
  • Control access to privileged accounts, including shared access, complying with principal regulatory
  • Audit administrative activities and tasks
  • Remove local administrative Rights
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    Benefits of Spike Reply

    Spike Reply will help the customers reduce the risk of data leakage for structured and unstructured data and for anomalous data access.
    The key to success is the knowledge and experience of the consultants: From the installation to the customization of vendors’ tools towards complete custom developed solutions

    • Data protection and security for production and IoT infrastructures

    • Technical solutions adaptation and customization to customer specific processes and methodology

    • Balancing between user experience and security requirements

    • Laws and regulation requirements management for data protection topics