Phygital Revolution


Euronics was looking for a new innovation strategy, combining technical and procedural aspects in order to:

  • Bring the world of electronics to the Salesforce platform generally used in the fashion market
  • Increase customer retention and improve the supplier-customer relationship
  • Increase customer loyalty and improve the vendor-client relationship
  • Develop a dedicated Clienteling app integrated with the ecommerce site to be used on a tablet in the shop
  • Ensure more effective promotional methods for associates
  • Perform a timely analysis of Customer Care services


Retail Reply's, approach consisted of two phases, starting with a “quick win” and then proceeding with a more structured program in order to bring the highest possible added value in the shortest period of time.​

Retail Reply built the solution on Salesforce, both for the E-commerce platform and the Customer Service module which are integrated with the OMS and the Task Manager (based on Oracle technology). The new architecture consists of:

  • A new E-commerce website, based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • A new Customer Service module, based on Salesforce Service Cloud
  • The Order Management System and the Task Manager, readapted in order to communicate with SF instead of ATG (the previous system)
  • Two new App are in the Roadmap and will be delivered by December 2022
  • A mobile app B2C
  • A Clienteling App (for customer profiling, cross-sell/up-sell, omnichannel purposes… )
The Agile Methodology enabled the team to deliver value faster, with greater quality and predictability, and greater aptitude to respond to change.​

The Results

Euronics now has a new innovation strategy, including a new E-commerce website, and a new Customer Service module, based on Salesforce Service Cloud. This has enabled Euronics to increase its conversion rate by +93%, its number of order per day by +27%, and reduce its website response time (page load average time) by 57.9%.