Customer Journey Mapping


Northumbrian Water Limited adopted the Customer Experience (C-MeX) ODI measure as main indicator of levels of customer satisfaction and committed to provide customers with an unrivalled customer experience, which focused on excellent customer service and quick resolution of issues. ​Northumbrian Water Limited wanted to achieve a variety of measurable outcomes which included:​

  • Best-in-class on the specific C-MeX ODI​
  • A world-class net promoter score (NPS) of 70+​
  • Achieve 50% self-served customer interactions by 2022
  • Resolve 80% of customer contacts right the first time


To improve the CMeX responses and cover the full spectrum of customer interactions, Retail Reply, along with CKDelta conducted design-thinking based journey mapping workshops which involved all the relevant stakeholders that interacted with customers for each journey. The engagement was virtual and used Miro as the collaborative tool to design the outcome.​

Retail Reply prioritised and mapped 5 journeys for this phase, in an agile manner, that were critical for CMeX and for NWL to get it right the first time (using 80/20 rule to analyse volumes and SLAs). The journey maps that not only captured detailed steps in the journey but also noted the needs and pain-points of customers at each step were succesfully delivered.​

The Results

Leveraging the results from the journey mapping workshops, each prioritised journey enabled the data science team to identify “measured journey change opportunities” most likely to affect the CMeX score, allowing the design of alternative “amended” paths.​ This allowed the business to collaborate on a silo’d understanding of their end customers, their needs and challenges, and how best to resolve them. Consequently, the data team at CKDelta is using the journey maps to build a machine learning based data model that will visualise a prioritised list of customers that are on the verge of dropping off the happy path of a journey, thereby allowing NWL to best serve their needs and provide industry-leading customer experience.​