The APS solution, through the application of specific algorithms, allows to create the best sequence of orders in terms of time bucket allocation and resources consumption considering the effective resources capacity and availability.


Finite Capacity Planning - The orders plan coming from an ERP/MRP system has the problem to be computed considering an infinite capacity scenario, Brick Reply™ Advanced Planning & Scheduling allows to review the original plan applying the Rough Cut Capacity Planning algorithm. The RCCP algorithm permits to plan an orders portfolio on the long-term period. The algorithm has the aim to split orders into configured time-buckets (weekly, monthly, …), for doing that it assign a score to each order computed considering resources, created by the users, and related capacity constraints, equipment availability and user preferences. These preferences can be defined by the user thanks to configurable rules and weights.
Sequencing - Sequencing algorithm permits to sequence orders on the production lines on the short-term period. Within Brick Reply™ Advanced Planning & Scheduling application, inputs of the algorithm are the list of orders coming from RCCP step and associated to the considered line. The sequencing output is an optimal sequence of orders assigned to specific resources.
Dispatching - Production dispatching is the collection of activities that manage the flow of production by dispatching planned orders to equipment and personnel. Once the sequencing plan has been defined, Brick Reply™ Advanced Planning & Scheduling enables, the planner to manually review the order sequence or just confirming it sending production orders to the Execution process step.


We, at Brick Reply, are committed to provide a solution enables you meet production commitments by managing data in real time and accounting for taking into account customer demand, inventory levels, asset capacity, historical output, commit dates and unexpected events (like equipment breakdowns)