Brick Reply™ Monitoring & Reporting is the application allowing the dynamic and real time visualization of main production KPIs. The main aim of the application is to guarantee the continuous improvement suggesting corrective actions required for maintaining the process perfectly under control.


Data collection - Brick Reply™ monitoring & reporting allows collecting information from different sources and in real time. Shopfloor integration allows real time data acquisition of station downtimes, alerts and all kind of information that can be read directly from machine sensors. Process Management System integrations allows collecting data from users and other systems on process activities. Data are collected by the app in real time making available all the information when required.
Data Analysis - Brick Reply™ monitoring & reporting allows visualizing, consult and analyze collected data in order to define the state of the art of the process and its gap with the simulation scenario. Data are aggregated by the app in order to compute main KPIs for manufacturing operations management, defined by the standard ISO 22400-2 or customized for the considered context. KPIs are shown to users in real-time dashboard or with historical reports allowing to easily monitor production performances.


We, at Brick Reply, are committed on providing a real time solution enabling you to view easily relevant information wherever you are and on your mobile device. Implementing the monitoring app, you are able to change your approach from reactive to proactive one. You will be able to foresee critical behavior instead of taking corrective actions reactively.