SDT is the app that allows to work on a digital twin of the factory and its processes. The Digital Twin goes beyond simulation concept because it can be run concurrently to the real system, considering its same inputs and real outputs.


Brick Reply™ Shopfloor digital twin is designed to help proactively to monitor manufacturing processes. The application allows defining a virtual duplication of the entities who plays within the physical shop-floor: such as machines, products and people. Real time data input are collected thanks to a full integration with the field, other Brick Reply applications and legacy systems. Brick Reply™ SDT oversees this process by predicting and reporting in advance machine faults, product quality issues, bottlenecks; it is intended to provide suggestions on:
- Preventive actions to avoid predictable issues in machines and products
- More accurate data for better advanced planning and scheduling
- An environment for what-if analysis aligned with the simulated model


We, at Brick Reply, developed a solution for supporting you on changing your strategy from reactive to proactive. With Brick Reply™ Shopfloor digital twin you are sure the best scenario is always in place, because the model able to compare different scenarios that can occur in the short, mid or long term.