Designed and developed according to Industrie 4.0 paradigms, Brick Reply™ is a Manufacturing Operations Management platform for the management and control of a Smart Factory, respecting sustainable manufacturing guidelines.

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CLOUD NATIVE: On-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.

IIOT INTEGRATED: The process of requesting, collecting and importing data from machines, field production flows and connected devices, for immediate or further use through storage in a database.

MICRO-SERVICE DESIGNED: In a micro-services architecture, services are fine-grained and the protocols light-weight. Decomposing a single application into different smaller services improves modularity.

MOBILE FIRST: Responsive web design enables you to support operations using the best suitable device including desktop, mobile or tablet.

BIG DATA READY: Analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software.

DIGITAL TWIN: The Digital Twin is a virtual picture of the shop-floor real-time aligned and organized in terms of physical machines, processes and resources. It is the source for any intelligent insight.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. These processes include learning, Machine Learning, reasoning and self-correction.



Brick Reply™ has been designed with strongly innovative components and technologies based on Industrie4.0 paradigms to leverage opportunities of digitalization and offer consolidated manufacturing processes a new life. Nature teaches us how to learn from past events and similarly Brick Reply™ Digital Twin enables a new concept of traditional manufacture control focusing on artificial intelligence implementation. This one, and more, are the key enabling and native technologies that make the platform innovative.

At Brick Reply, we are committed to helping manufacturers reducing expense and the footprint of hardware and its maintenance; to provide simulating tools for the better performance of production lines, saving energy and hitting targets; delivering an open API framework to facilitate the effortless adoption of next generation technologies as soon as they come to market.


Brick Reply™ is a scalable platform by design. Natively cloud-based, Brick Reply™ is the ideal tool for minimizing initial investments and scaling up or down the solution as needed, without the need to maintain and renovate available hardware. Brick Reply™ is distributed on different service levels, from a PaaS architecture to an on-premise solution, bringing the concept of scalability extremely close to that of profitability.

At Brick Reply, we make sure that platform always answers your needs when you need it. It can provide high-performance processing of massive data volumes but thanks to the tailored architecture, you are also able to enable just the resources you actually need without unnecessarily wasting storage and processing power.


The availability of an IT tool that can quickly adapt to various needs is critical in this historical moment, when time-to-market and diversified production vary continuously. Brick Reply™ is extremely flexible and adaptable to any context, ensuring that the production process can be configured based on the specific plant layout. Micro-services architecture enables you to hide or develop new services and features to support new branches of your business. Moreover, for product development and maintenance, an agile scrum methodology is applied with its interactive, flexible and incremental approach to enable the link between software development and Operations.

At Brick Reply, we developed web-based configuration tools and features to enable the construction of tailored solutions without the need for custom code. Our modular approach allows development teams to rapidly deploy or modify services, to create focused solutions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development.


Compatibility with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) world and the ability to integrate legacy equipment, combined with an innovative event driven application architecture, make Brick Reply™ the ideal solution oriented towards Industrie 4.0. Where business systems, equipment, personnel, everything is connected and enabled to communicate continuously and in real time, Brick Reply™ supports proactive production management from an execution perspective and from a planning and control one, connecting the solution to equipment and facilitating the usage of insights from sensor data to improve product quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

At Brick Reply, we care about the environmental impact of delayed reactions providing a framework based on open API to facilitate integration of systems and technologies, connecting the solution to equipment and knowing the updated state of the factory in real time.


Brick Reply™ is not limited to management of the Execution phases, it is a complete solution that integrates machinery, human resources and IT. The ability to configure production workflows and guided work processes, renders the production component extremely easy to adopt and simplifies the training of operators and staff. Brick Reply™ is developed with a user-centric design to make operations easier and more effective. The user interface is based on .NET MVC and Angular technologies in order to be natively highly responsive, user-friendly and intuitive, driving human-machine interaction forward using natural language processing techniques. It supports operators in mobility alongside the line as well as remotely.

At Brick Reply, we are committed to letting manufacturers concentrate on their crafting skills by supporting them in a smart way where, when and exactly how they need it. Chat-bots to give instructions, mobile-first wizards and executive KPIs are all designed to make their jobs easier and more effective.