It is the application that enhance the shop-floor productivity taking care of machinery and production assets, leading the maintenance process with predictive planning suggestions and supporting activity tracing and guiding interventions.


Corrective Maintenance Request - Thanks to Brick Reply™ Plant Maintenance when a failure occurs on the machine, a maintenance intervention request can be easily opened in order to ask for help from maintenance workers.
Preventive Maintenance Plan Scheduling - Through dedicated functionality it is possible to configure and schedule a preventive maintenance plan for each company asset. Inspections can be planned using equipment runtime or cycles, monitored conditions or traditional time intervals.
Predictive Maintenance Analysis - Brick Reply™ Plant Maintenance application allows to prevent potential equipment failures tracking key indicators coming from the machine such as temperature, pressures, vibrations.
Maintenance Execution - The solution guides maintenance operator on execution maintenance tasks providing work-instructions, equipment manuals, spare part details for quick references.


We, at Brick Reply, care on your health and safety. Our application helps you in checking and maintaining equipment in order to meet safety standards and to prevent breakdowns and failures. The preventive work minimizes time waste due to accidents and makes your equipment safer for both operators and the environment.