Brick Reply™ Production Quality app gives the possibility to manage the quality controls in all their aspects. By digitalizing the main information, the application allows to perform all the necessary checks in order to have an under control production process and better quality standards.


Inline Quality controls - Brick Reply™ Production Quality is made by a set of functionality, allowing to create quality control plans based on digitalized checklist enabling to perform sample checking during production.
Defect and Scrap Declaration - The application allows tracing non conformities generated during production and to engage operators in order to detail root causes for facilitating quality improvements. The information can be collected automatically connecting machines or manually by operators.
Quality Inspections - Brick Reply™ Production Quality allows quality operators to perform additional inspection on non-conformed items, before confirm them as scrap pieces.
Real time Statistical Process Control - SPC features allows catching in advance deviation of the process through statistical controls on machines variables. If any deviation occurs, users are notified in real time, thus adjustments can be quickly made to improve process capabilities and minimize the costs of poor quality or product give-away.


We, at Brick Reply, strive to deliver a complete solution to quality inspection and repair/rework needs by providing an easy-to-use mobile application and helping you on taking under control the process in order to prevent process deviations that can cause scraps and defects. With real-time alerts, notifications, our solution gives you the tools to communicate and resolve quality problems quickly and effectively.