It is the app to drive the execution process along the production line, supporting and leading operators with intuitive instructions.


Production Definition - Brick Reply ™ Manufacturing Execution allows to easily set up Product Production Rules required for managing production processes, such as plant layout, production calendar and Bill of materials.
Execution management - During the production, operators are supported in order to know exactly how to proceed without having to use any paper documents and manuals. Thanks to warehouse functionality, material calls are always managed in order to feed the line only when needed. Brick Reply ™ Manufacturing Execution covers both manual and automatic production declarations of any work units whether these process lots, batches or orders.
Production Data Collection & Tracking - Manual or automatic production declaration generates accurate, real-time data about timing, personnel, equipment and materials used for production. Brick Reply ™ Manufacturing EXECUTION allows collecting and tracing production data in order to keep track on plant efficiency and optimize the value stream.
Production Analysis - Brick Reply ™ Manufacturing Execution allows computing by default main KPIs as OEE and OLE allowing performing analysis on performances, losses, bottlenecks.


We, at Brick Reply, are committed to provide you a sustainable solution designing an app allowing you to reduce your environmental footprint. With our solution, you can create a fully paper-less process, eliminating the need for unnecessary paperwork, moreover you will be able to reduce waste just moving materials on the line only when really needed.